duplication glitch

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    Unsolved  Assassins Creed Origins XBONE X

    Hi All, I am still on patch 1.04 playing AC:O offline and wanted help answering 2 questions: 1) Has it been confirmed that there is no way to copy save data to a USB/External Hard Drive for a particular game? I only see the option to delete, or copy the entire game/DLC to external storage. 2)...
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    Solved  Free Car Glitch Question

    Hello, I am new here and I have never really used any forums before, so please bear with me. I recently did a glitch on GTA V on Xbox One. I haven't used glitches in game since the game was only a year old. Anyways, the glitch just allowed me to buy cars for free, so I proceeded to give myself...
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    Patched  GTA5O Street Car Duplication Glitch (after patch 1.40)

    (tested on xbox one) (a user confirmed DOES NOT WORK for PS4) (this does NOT bypass 48 min sell wait) do you not have MOC but want to dupe? Requirements: a public session with 20 OR MORE players a custom license plate 1 friend text steps: find a public session with 20 or more players find a...
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    Solved  Cant use Custom plates

    Hey i actually have dirty dupes i waited 3 days and now i can sell but i can't put custom plates on any car i have even cars that aren't elegy retro like adder and RH8 i can't put Custom plates on them please can you explain the reason for me or tell me how can i do.
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    Patched  Solo Car Duplication Unlimited Money Glitch

    This is a variation of the recent car dupe. Thanks to all involved! Notes: * It IS possible to sell duped supercars and non-Bennys vehicles (X-80, etc) on PC. This only works for those who can only dupe one per session. Does not work on consoles. * With this glitch it is possible to store...
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    Patched  Glitch in CEO garage.. needs development!

    Using different ways to glitch out the CEO garage has resulted in this behavior... too bad I wasn't set up to dupe... I can recreate it in a few ways... when I feel generous and I am ready to dupe I will follow through with a tutorial;)
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    Solved  Duplication Account Glitch gta 5?

    I am wondering if they is duplication glitch to transfer all youre stuff to another psn/Xbox name! They was one back in the day I am just looking around
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    As of May 20,2017 this Glitch has been patched sorry. I have recently found a way to glitch out your friend in the car in the fourth slot when doing @FrighttrainWTF's glitch heck out his video on how to do that one without this method You will need: A friend A private session A race that has...
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    OK so , I haven been able to get too far with this and I was hoping someone can figure something out. (This is my first thread) OK so , what I think can be a possible dupe glitch is by using the NINJA mode glitch to get you stuck in your friends car while in garage. So if you have been...
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