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  1. M

    Solved  Question about dupes

    For duping I’m using a method with terrorbyte and getting it impounded. Do I replace the custom plate on the original car or the super car?
  2. DragonSlayer6969

    Discussion  GC2F and Car duplication going forward

    One thing that's been bugging me is the transfer that's going to happen from PS4 to PS5. A lot of the cars I have are duplicated and I have about 14 dupe Elergy's I don't want to sell because of the massive ban waves that happened last month. I know there's always a character reset threat with...
  3. K

    Patched  Oppressor MK2 (and possibly Deluxo) dupes that stick on PC [solo]

    I finally found a way to get sticky mk2 dupes, as all the PS4/XBox methods didn't stick on PC (the dupes would revert to the replaced vehicles). These dupes can't be sold ($50k limit error) but they're useful if yours gets blown up and you want to quickly grab another mk2 from the MC menu...
  4. X

    Solved  Dupes Wont Save & Wont Sell

    I'll begin first by explaining the problem I'm having with saving the dupes. I can duplicate the cars just fine (Elegy Custom & Sultan RS), and it even allows me to save the dupes in my MOC and my CEO Garage with the custom auto shop. I can even switch to another public session and the cars will...
  5. sweedy

    Patched  Clean Dirty Dupes For Free

    After testing for a couple of days, I think I've found a way to clean dirty plates with no investment other than some time. Requirements: Some dirty dupes. An empty car slot. I had noticed that occasionally, I could add a clean plate to a car that was definitely...
  6. R

    Solved  Can only sell ONE Lowrider elegy in 24hours???

    So I've not played for months last dupe did was the first maze bank CEO glitch where you would swap cars in blue circle and change plate or something in garage while friend is glitches out in elevator, I have 25+ elegy lowriders that sell for 989,000 in garage at maze bank CEO office anyways I...
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