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  1. A

    Solved  Phantom Wedge vanished (!gift dupe glitch)

    Hello everyone, So a friend of a friend had a mod menu and he told us we could spawn any vehicle we want through the ingame chat. He also told us that there is a method with which you can store any of those vehicles and make it your own personal vehicle and I followed through but forgot one...
  2. Y


    FOUNDER: GLITCH MAN ONLINE GLITCH DUPLICATION MASSIVE DUO CLEAN PLATE For the person who wants to duplicate He will need a bunker, a moc a complex , from ELEGY RH8 to complexes plus the car you want to duplicate Friend who helps And put on appearance at the bunker 1.appear to the bunker...
  3. S

    Solved  Elegy retro custom selling for 650k

    I have my elegy retro custom fully upgraded but now it only sells for like 650k, until last week it was 960k, did I do something wrong? I also have checked if I maybe removed a mod from the car but all the mods are still on it. I don't get why the value has decreased out of nowhere.
  4. Apokalypt


    Hello, This is a very easy dupe glitch. this thread only shows the steps with bunker or CEO office and with few tricks so here is the method with only a normal garage and with all the tricks Founder: KingAlexHD (https://www.youtube.com/user/MrKingXbox360) Thanks to Morphyy for the steps...
  5. E

    Patched  RDR2 Online - Real Unlimited Money Glitch!! *After Patch* Pelt Duplication Glitch [Fast Method]

    Hey what's up se7ensins, Back with another money glitch that is the same if not better then the first. Antioo25 and I found this method and can dupe just like the last method ( We have another method as well but want to wait until this one is patched, that...
  6. C

    Patched  Black Ops 4 Prestige Duplication Glitch with Stick | MP and Zombies

    Prestige Duplication Glitch - NOT VISUAL (STICK METHOD) Confirmed Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC This is very difficult to do. This glitch will allow you to get any prestige you want as long as you have another account with that rank. So for me I have a master prestige account and...
  7. Moby

    PC  Scum duping

    Anyone know any working scum dupes glitches?
  8. N

    Solved  Question about daily sell limit - With current glitch, it triggers at 2 cars... what happens?

    What happens if you sell 2 cars, the next time you receive the message "you've reached your daily sell limit"? Does this mean you can only sell 1 car in the next 30 hours or something? Does it mean that if you try to sell and you receive that message again then it resets? I don't fully...
  9. _LXM_

    Patched  Give Cars To Friends/Unlimited Money Glitch

    #FartCrew You'll need: 2 friends Bunker with MOC Invite only session Car to dupe over 1. Giver and receiver will both need to glitch their vehicles into all bunkers to make them visible for everyone. 2. The 3rd friend helping needs to pull their MOC outside then enter their own bunker...
  10. Z

    Solved  Best Current Working Dupe Glitch?

    So ive seen a lot of posts and videos about all kinds of glitches and they either been not working or patched. So to clear this up, what is right now a good working dupe glitch with or without custom plates? Pls leave a link for a video or some steps. Pls help me out been trying to do...
  11. benjaminstrike

    Solved  Dupe detected?

    I'm pretty new to duping. So I was testing if a dupe glitch worked with an Armoured Kuruma with custom license plates and stuff, which it did. Then I got a Custom Retro Elegy, which I duped a couple of times, and then sold 2 of them. But being retarded I forgot to use custom license plates, so...
  12. xXxKillaxXx

    Solved  Death Match Under MC

    Does anyone have any links to Death Matches under MC clubhouse with any cars other than an Elegy Custom? Looking for ones with rare cars or anything along those lines. I suck at creator and I have searched everywhere with no luck. Thanks for your time.
  13. DreamWalkerGTA

    Patched  Tutofacile Race Theory

    Can someone please lay out the theory behind making a race that spawns you near a trigger point? It would be useful to have a clear thread detailing how this is done so that myself and others can test out different interaction locations during a race, throughout the map. And on different...
  14. Toots magoots

    Patched  Reworked money glitch street cars only 1.36 next gen

    so here we go again But this method doesn't matter how many ppl in your session also it should work in friends only I was doing it in a public with just me and my mate in lobby's with loads of ppl (but I cannot test friends only etc as I still have teleport glitch working) Credits to the...
  15. mr_bossman_225

    Patched  solo money glitch using benny's & Free upgrades if you don't have them unlocked

    Important Can only be done with 3 vehicles, the buccaneer, voodoo and the primo. DON'T have the HYDRAULICS brought on them as it makes the car high end and it won't let you use benny's. You will be able to sell it in the race but you will have to wait 45 min to sell another one. DON'T buy the...
  16. Sptestsnaz

    Patched  NEW MONEY GLITCH (x360)

    I Found a Deatmatch with a cargobob into the limbo , i picked up a car and my friend with the cargobob trowed me on the garage , and the car stored on my garage (Maybe This Can be a new money glitch) Job Link...
  17. Guseppe

    Patched  Xbox One/Ps4 money glitch duplication cars 1.29 (no by pass)

    1.Take a street car full upgrade no marker 2.il your friend driving the car next to your garage with you passenger 3.Her must have them race true facil france down on the rim and start the loby 4.You drive into the garage and then he leaves the loby race and you get out of the garage and find...
  18. Sptestsnaz

    Patched  [X360 & PS3 Confirmed] MONEY GLITCH

    ONLY OLD GEN! (X360 and PS3) THIS GLITCH IS NOT SOLO! VIDEO: Video by Djscooba: New Video By WTF New Video By Me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°): NEW ''SOLO'' Method Using Randoms:
  19. RishuP

    Patched  Blueline Traders Gallery/Duped Car Sells Price

    2. Vapid Chino: $128702 3. Invetero Coquette BlackFin: $129502 4. Progen T20: $203602 5. Dinka Vindicator: $80542 6. Pegassi Osiris: $211052 7. Benefactor Stirling GT: $200872 8. Albany Virgo: $199852 9. Enus Windsor: $241302 [/SPOILER] 2. Lampadati Casco: $191302 3. Lampadati...
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