1. G

    Solved  Dumping nand with arduino ?

    Hello everyone, today i'me here to ask two simple questions : Is it possible to dump the xbox 360 nand with an arduino ? If yes, How to do it ? soldering is not a problem, i have the necessary soldering skills :) My JR Programmer is cominc between October and November (Yeah, it come from...
  2. calport117

    Unsolved  need help with e3 flasher cabel

    hey fellas having trouble with my e3 flasher hop to get some feedback. I tried shaving it, tried a clamp, still getting bad dumps. it comes up with an error message unless I apply pressure on it with my finger, and when I do it dumps, but fails 80-100 checks and doesn't even come up with any...
  3. J

    Solved  Is anyone able to pm me a couple of Profile Recovery Packet dumps?

    I was asked to write a profile grabber for the PC (So it would be possible to download a profile, and send it to xbox hard drive), But as I don't have an xbox 360 that can connect to live... (For that matter I currently don't have a modded xbox right now either lol) it is a bit difficult to do...
  4. MikeyZombiee

    Solved  How do I make a Homemade 4gb Nand SD ?

    I have Corona v2, How do I make a homemade Sd dumper. Where do I attach the wires on the sd? Where do I attach the wires to the xbox? I have an ACEv3
  5. B

    Solved  Dump xenon Nand (kernel 16202) with LPT?

    Hello, my friend has console without dvd drive. We need to extract dvd key from motherboard. Is there any method to do this? Anyone tried to dump nand with LPT cable from xenon with kernel 16202? Maybe u have another idea to make it work?
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