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  1. GOD7917

    [PC] [OFFLINE] .GTA5 money drops/ 2.5k bags/ Safe/ Fast Accept

    Status: OFFLINE How to join: 1. You need to reply with "I accept the rules" + Your username 2. Then add my username: MatyT_123 3. Once I accept your friend request join me Rules: 1. Don't steal other people's bags 2. Don't talk about the money drop in the chat in any way 3. Stay in passive...
  2. BobCrawls

    Big Bobby's Ultra Fast Drops

    Open [ ] Closed [x] ADD ME I WILL NOT ADD YOU! Social Club: BigDepresso Remove Me After You Join or You Will Be Blacklisted and Kicked If you don't know how to add me please check out Transaction Failed Is Normal! Just Spam Enter or create a macro! Rules 1. DO NOT ADD ME 2. No Stealing 3...
  3. JAKward

    PC - Free Drop Lobbies - 2.5k Bags - WE BACK OPEN!

    Lobby Status : OPEN! IF YOU ENJOY THE LOBBY LEAVE A LIKE AND LEGIT! PROOF! Welcome to my free money lobbies! How to join Type your SC below and I will add you. Once I've added you, accept and join my session. Head to the airport. Lobby Rules 1. Go into passive mode. 2. Do not kill...
  4. T

    Borderlands Boosting and LFG - (PS4 community owner)

    Hey everyone. If you're on ps4, our community is extremely active with helping others, for free. If you're looking for a boost or just people to play with come check it out. Currently we're the largest PS4 community. Just please be patient and respectful to those helping. Just search...
  5. djhdhsskwjdh3

    Money Drops Lobbys 2.5k bags $$$$

  6. I

    GTA V | 2.5k Money drops | ItzFireStorm | Free

    :wink:OFFLINE FOR A WHILE. Give a "THUMBS UP" on the post if legit! TRUSTED -make sure you read the rules! Rules Be in passive No cursing Don't ask which menu I'm using :muted: Please go to LSIA :smile: Be respectful and leave when asked. SC IS ***ItzFireStormm***
  7. RichardDiddleton

    GTA V|Modded Lobby|2.5k Free Cash Bags|RichardDiddleton|

    STATUS: OFFLINE Hello And Welcome To My GTA ONLINE Money Drops How To Join: Reply With Your Social Club And That You Accept The Rules I Will Add You On SC And Invite You To The Lobby RULES: 1: As Soon As You Join The Game Go Into Passive Mode. 2: When In The Game Come To LSIA (Airport)...
  8. Oscil8

    Oscil8's Drop Lobbies [PC]|[Hour-Long]|

    Lobby Status: OPEN | CLOSED Hey everyone! Oscil8 here. I've stumbled upon these forums and figured "Hey! Why not drop and help some people out!" So that's what I'm doing. In my lobbies you can expect a peaceful experience for all users, if someone breaks the rules, let me know!
  9. hockad1

    Hockad's extreme drop lobbies

    Hey guys, me Hockad here and I would like to start spreading the love by opening up a free drop lobby open to all of you! Hope some of you would like to join and get some $$$ How To Join: Leave Your SC Below I will add + invite you Proof: Support se7ensins!
  10. Squeakit

    Money Drops 2.5k and Stealth 10mill / Level Drops

    Add Squeakit1337 on Social Club because i wont add you unless i see a friend request. When you join my lobby go directly to Carcer Way, Burton, Los Santos Custom (http://prntscr.com/i72owy) and wait til i begin. Please for safety reasons go into a other session to buy stuff with your dropped...
  11. X

    FREE MONEY DROPS✅1.42 Working✅2.5k Drops✅100% Free✅

    !WELCOME TO HYDRA DROPS! Hey guys, We will drop free money in the following weeks. On our Discord we will announce the lobbies, and you can write down your Sc there ,that we can invite you. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Join our Discord. 2. Wait unitl we announce a lobby 3. Write down your Sc 4...
  12. Mathew C

    [OPEN] GTA V Unlimited Money Lobby / Modded Cars / Fun!

    -------------------------------------------------------------LOBBY OPEN------------------------------------------------------------------ Welcome to my lobby guys! I only ask you guys to follow the rules and enjoy every moment you get in my lobbies. RULES : 1. Don't kill anyone in the lobby 2...
  13. noob2dmax

    Noob2dmax's GTA Online Money Drop!

    Noob2DMax's Money Drop! Status: Closed INSTRUCTIONS Post your Social Club in the thread. Since it's my first time hosting, it might take a while to invite you. But when I do, join, and MEET AT THE LOS SANTOS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. RULES: 0: Follow my instructions 1. No killing other players...
  14. twistedhawkxd

    Level 72 boosting and gear drops

  15. GooochSneakieDuck

    XB1 Insta lvl 72, 500 item loot drop, op8 boost

    Handsome Jack Collection (bl2) Only Good morning fellas, I'm changing the way we do things a little, I have posted below how to get in. all you gotta do is post ur GT followed by the service needed. Do not msg our gts please unless we msg you first. Thanks for your understanding <3 as always...
  16. M

    Free GTA Money Lobby (First 10)

    I am currently doing a Free GTA Money Drop Lobby (for the first 10 people that join) To join: - Add me on Social Club (Read the rules to find out how to get it) - Join my lobby - The server has about 30 slots, but I am only going to drop the first 10 - for 30 minutes (so don't b**** on if I...
  17. CreepAchu

    Discussion  How Much Luck You Had On Your 1st Day

    As the title says. What luck did you have on the first day you got to play the new seasonal event. I had work and came back near 11pm First 2 new scoring strikes. 2 Exotic drops and a exotic from a blue. Did the nightfall and other weekly bounties. Immediately got the Ice Breaker, Sparrow...
  18. jfqc100

    MEMESTAR | GTA V Online 1.36 | Money Drops

    I will do some money drops on GTA V. You will get about 3M$ for free every two days. We just started it so, we need to do some test with people. We only do drops on PC. PS : If you got deleted by me on social club just repost your sc on the post again. I need to offer more place to people...
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