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  1. Innovative

    Innovative's FREE Item Lobbies! (Tiny Tina's Wonderlands)

    Welcome to my Tiny Tina's Wonderlands FREE Item Drop Lobby! STATUS: OFFLINE Disclaimer: I DO NOT have the power to drop specific items. Only random items from a select class. More info about this is below. L = LEGENDARY | VR = VERY RARE (PURPLE) - [ Service Rules ] - 1. Each Player may...
  2. OwlReturns

    ?GTA V MODDED LOBBY | ?2.5K? | [PC] ACCEPTED IF ONLINE | LOBBIES UP FROM 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM (EDT) (Online) ?

    --RULES-- 1. Passive mode WILL be on at all times. 2. Do NOT bring any cars to the drop, this causes lag. 3. Do NOT talk about modding in the chat. If I warn you and you do not comply, I will have to kick you. 4. Do NOT bring the cops, it is annoying to have to deal with them. 5. Do NOT steal...
  3. brnc


    IMPORTANT RULES - MUST READ! 1 - Do not chat in-game about the Money Drop or Money in any way!; 2 - Do not bank or spend any money in my session!; 3 - Passive Mode is REQUIRED!; 4 - Do not park vehicles near the drop, it will make the drop lag; 5 - Do not come with a wanted level...
  4. D

    Roddie's DROP Lobby

    DAMNRoddie's FREE droplobby [CLOSED] post your name in this thread and you will get a friend request Rules: 1. dont kill people 2. dont steal money from other people 3. dont be rude to anyone 4. dont spend/bank money 5. remove me from your friends list when you are done if you cannot join it...
  5. D


    Dheath's Drop Lobby[PC] Free drop lobbies range from 1-2 hours and happen almost everyday. (I do about 2 drops a day) My most active time is between 10am-12pm CDT Last updated: 05/17/2019 Status= closed Proof Rules - Do not Transfer money to your bank while in the drop lobby. (find...
  6. F

    ✔️ Fexuremods | Drop Lobby | 2.5k bags ✔️

    Status: Offline Post your gamertags ! GENERAL - Usually I host lobbies for a long time, so if you would like to stay you may, only 15 people in a lobby at a time. Donations are accepted ✔️Rules✔️ - Do not comment twice, if you haven't "received an invite." - No stealing other peoples money...
  7. Medox

    GTA 5 FREE DROP LOBBIES | 2.5k Bags

    ----------------------- GTA V: Money Drop 2.5k bags ----------------------- Rules 1) No typing in in-game chat 2) No spending money in the lobby you got it in 3) No killing each-other or running into somebody's circle to take their cash 4) Don't deposit the modded money into the bank 5) Make...
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