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  1. X

    [PC Only] GTA V Cash drop lobbies - 2.5k money bags - ONLINE - by XPR_Beta

    Lobby status: ONLINE How to Join: 1. Add a reply to this thread with your social club name followed by "I accept the rules" 2. Wait for me to host a lobby. I will send you a friend request on SC. (I don't put my SC on here to minimize griefers. you'll know its me) 3. Join the lobby when you...
  2. B

    || PC || GTA-V Online|| Bunny-Hops Monney Drops || STATUS :OFFLINE|

    Welcome to Bunny-Hop's Money Drops My Status is ALWAYS up to date Online means Online!!!! Status: [OFFLINE] You can Join the Session if your are able to do the following things 1. Read the Rules! 2. Follow the Rules STRICTLY!!! If you dont follow the rules you will get kicked out instantly...
  3. GOD7917

    [PC] [OFFLINE] .GTA5 money drops/ 2.5k bags/ Safe/ Fast Accept

    Status: OFFLINE How to join: 1. You need to reply with "I accept the rules" + Your username 2. Then add my username: MatyT_123 3. Once I accept your friend request join me Rules: 1. Don't steal other people's bags 2. Don't talk about the money drop in the chat in any way 3. Stay in passive...
  4. W


    Comment your social club. Session Type : Friends Only Rules : Do not spend money in my session Do not bank money in my session. Do not write suspicious or modding related stuff in the ingame chat or you will be blacklisted instantly Passive mode is required Respect other players and do not steal...
  5. JoeyJack

    [FREE] PC ONLY /|\ JOEYJACK Drop Lobby /|\ 2.5k Money Bags | SAFE (FAST INVITES)

    JOEYJACK MONEY DROP LOBBY! STATUS IS OPEN! HOW TO JOIN THE LOBBY? 1. Add my Social Club. 2. Agree to my rules and comment your social club name below. 3. Once I accept your friend request then join my lobby, no invites needed. 4. Follow all the rules below. RULES FOR THE LOBBY: 1. Be in...
  6. R

    Change's Huge Drop Lobby // 01/27/2020

    Post your social clubs down! Add me: cchangee GMT +2, 8PM. Rules: 1. Don't talk about dropping in game chat. 2. I host at airport 3. Don't take others money. 4. Passive Mode on. 5. Don't kill others when they have no passive mode, or you'll be just kicked. Proof: yes my monitor is dirty...
  7. M

    Metropolitan's Bank - Fast money drop lobby

    Metropolitan's Bank Lobby Status: [OPEN] Started: 19:00 (19.10.19) Rules of the lobby: No unwanted killing No griefing of any kind (you will be kicked) No oppressors No ragdolling other players Don't be greedy, everyone will get their fair share. Drop your SC in the comments and I'll...
  8. Aldoraz


    Hey there! My name is Aldoraz and after getting a lot of money here on Se7enSins, i got myelf a Mod Menu and want to return the favour! I'm using one of the MOST SECURE Mod Menus out there right now! Please do not break the following rules as they ensure that you won't get banned and that you...
  9. S


    STATUS: CLOSED Hello, I am hosting dropping lobbies for you guys. Add my SC or post yours below ! I use latest menus, and drop at the fastest rate that allow minimal transaction errors. I try to drop everyday, around 8-10pm france hours Please read and follow the rules. RULES: -Be nice, no...
  10. _DarioG88_


    founder : broontango After patch founder- EMT_GangGang TV REQUIRMENTS 2 friends Steps 1. Start call a tula or a airplane that have a machin gun 2. Go to spot on the video and put the airplane on the same place 3. Have 1 friend switch on the airplane and the other one take the machine gun...
  11. TheMoneyLobby

    Tools  [GTA V ANTI-AFK - MONEY-LOBBY TOOL] ✅ 1.48 ✅ NO IDLE KICK ✅ 100% SAFE ✅ VERSION: 0.3 ✅

    V0.3 Added Se7ensins Official Logo at start Fixed a bug where users reported AFK was not working Fixed a bug where it would crash Fixed a bug where the cache errors occurred Fixed encryption even more harder to defuse :wink: Fixed issue where it would kick after 5735 Seconds and crash V0.2 -...
  12. XuR Modding

    [PC] GTA Money drop lobbies | FAST & Fun

    How to join? Post social club below for an invite. RULES Just don't be an idiot, thanks :) Donations accept at: Paypal.me/xurmodding
  13. 7sEnthusiast

    Video  How to get terrorbyte without bunker Drop

    Enjoy video everyone like comment and subscribe to bayshotyou!
  14. Valentinee26

    Valentine's Money Honeys -- FREE $2.5K DROPS -- [ SAFE ] [ UNDETECTED ] [ CET ]

    STATUS: OFFLINE JOIN ME! « ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Ξ ◆ Ξ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ » Please leave your SocialClub name as a post in this thread down below. ^^ I might take a few minutes to notice your request because I'm stupid, but I'll try to add you as soon as I can. :sleep: RULES « ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Ξ ◆ Ξ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ » No vehicles or...
  15. S


    OPEN PC RULES - Dont bank or spend money in the lobby - Stay in passive mode - Don´t steal others money - Comment youre name 1 time! - Come to the airport
  16. G

    PERSONA Money Lobby /2,5k/1h/PC

    PC ONLY Rules: 1. add SC: skylinerhype 2. Join my game. 3. Turn on passive mode 4. Meet at the airport and spread out. IN GAME RULES: no killing no cops no explosions no bank money no spend money no report any players Fell free to donate: [email protected] Proof:
  17. Antichronicle

    GTA Online 2.5k Money Drops (OPEN)

    Hosting some free money drop lobbies for GTA Online using 2.5k drop on PC. Post your SC ID below and I will add you and invite you via Social Club. Once you're in come to the airport and I will begin dropping money. Don't spend or bank the cash in the lobby and don't steal other people's money...
  18. T

    [PC] theMindGate's GTA V Money Lobbies - 2,5k bags

    LOBBY STATUS: ONLINE Please Read the Rules! THE LOBBIES ARE: - FREE - FOR PC ONLY RULES: - Change lobby before spending money; - Don't spam the chat; - Be respectful to every member; - Never bank your money; - Enable passive mode; - Don't get cops; - Don't invite your friends; - Don't use any...
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