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drop lobby

  1. C

    * *PC ONLY!!! * * 2.5k Money Drops| Safe Menu| Best Host| STATUS: ONLINE

    HOW TO JOIN THE DROP: 1. READ THE RULES 2.COMMENT "I ACCEPT THE RULES" 3. ADD ME ON SOCIAL CLUB: cogbulletproof 1. Do not chat in-game about the Money Drop or Money in any way! 2. Do not bank or spend any money in my session! 3. After you receive your desired amount of Money, leave the lobby...
  2. Slay_404


    Welcome! How to Join: 1. Reply with your SC + "I accept the rules" 2. Add Social Club: SlaysModz 3. Session is friends only so join off of me after I accept. 4. Go into Passive Mode and come to LSIA Rules: 1. You must be in passive mode 2. Do not steal others bags 3. Do not spend in lobby 4...
  3. W


    Comment your social club. Session Type : Friends Only Rules : Do not spend money in my session Do not bank money in my session. Do not write suspicious or modding related stuff in the ingame chat or you will be blacklisted instantly Passive mode is required Respect other players and do not steal...
  4. OwlReturns

    ?GTA V MODDED LOBBY | ?2.5K? | [PC] ACCEPTED IF ONLINE | LOBBIES UP FROM 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM (EDT) (Online) ?

    --RULES-- 1. Passive mode WILL be on at all times. 2. Do NOT bring any cars to the drop, this causes lag. 3. Do NOT talk about modding in the chat. If I warn you and you do not comply, I will have to kick you. 4. Do NOT bring the cops, it is annoying to have to deal with them. 5. Do NOT steal...
  5. Xybrss

    [FREE] [PC] [OFFLINE] GTA V Online Money Drop Lobby - 2.5k Bags - Good Drop Rate - No Lag - LSIA - Fun Chill Lobby - Fast Accept - [100% SAFE]

    -----------------WELCOME TO XYBRSS' MONEY DROP LOBBY----------------- [STATUS]: OFFLINE DO NOT ADD ME WHILE I AM OFFLINE >>>>>>HOW TO JOIN<<<<<< 1. Read the rules below 2. Post below that you accept the rules and attach your SC name 3. Add Xybrss on Social Club and wait for me to accept you...
  6. sendurt

    DAILY GTA Online Money Drop Lobbies [PC ONLY] [SAFE] [FAST]

    LOBBY STATUS: [OFFLINE] -------------------- HOW TO JOIN -------------------- 1) Reply to the post "I accept the rules". 2) Send a friend request to Sendurt on SC (Please be patient sometimes my friends list will be full). 3) Once I have accepted you, come to LSIA after joining the lobby. 4)...
  7. F


    If you would like to join my lobbies send a message to my social club asking “Can I join your lobby?” and you will be invited when I have time to drop! Social club: Baambooozled Spammers will be ignored.
  8. D

    Roddie's DROP Lobby

    DAMNRoddie's FREE droplobby [CLOSED] post your name in this thread and you will get a friend request Rules: 1. dont kill people 2. dont steal money from other people 3. dont be rude to anyone 4. dont spend/bank money 5. remove me from your friends list when you are done if you cannot join it...
  9. NyxaveriA

    Nyxaveria's Cave | Free Money Drops | Fast & Secure

    STATUS : OFFLINE How to Join: Reply on this thread your SC username and I will add you. RULES: You must stay in PASSIVE MODE DO NOT USE YOUR OWN MODS DON'T report ME or ANYONE in the lobby Once you leave, you MUST delete me as friend DO NOT BANK / SPEND MONEY IN THE LOBBY, to do it, change the...
  10. D


    Dheath's Drop Lobby[PC] Free drop lobbies range from 1-2 hours and happen almost everyday. (I do about 2 drops a day) My most active time is between 10am-12pm CDT Last updated: 05/17/2019 Status= closed Proof Rules - Do not Transfer money to your bank while in the drop lobby. (find...
  11. JAKward

    PC - Free Drop Lobbies - 2.5k Bags - WE BACK OPEN!

    Lobby Status : OPEN! IF YOU ENJOY THE LOBBY LEAVE A LIKE AND LEGIT! PROOF! Welcome to my free money lobbies! How to join Type your SC below and I will add you. Once I've added you, accept and join my session. Head to the airport. Lobby Rules 1. Go into passive mode. 2. Do not kill...
  12. Zandre6900

    Zandre's Free 2.5K - GTA 5 Daily Drop service

    Status: Open I am starting a Free Daily Drop service, Before you join the lobby please follow the below rules HOW TO JOIN 1. Add " Golue19 " on social club and leave social club below 2. Accept Invite or Join! RULES « ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Ξ ◆ Ξ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ » No vehicles or vehicle wrecks around, please. No...
  13. D

    DemurestPie's Drop |2.5k Bags | Undetected

    Status: Offline Rules: new Rule: No Advertising/Talking about other modders NO Spending or Banking in this lobby No killing No vehicles in drop area Must be in passive Don't bring cops No stealing money Lastly no modding How to Join: add me on sc: DemurestPie2 Remove me on sc after you get...
  14. YA_BOI_banana

    YA_BOI_banana safe drop lobby (2.5k)

    Send me a friend request and I will accept. Join my game and come to Los Santos International Airport Go in to passive mode and do not bring cops Sc: YA_BOI_banana Dont steal
  15. GreenVG

    (CLOSED) Chris's Cash Lobby| 2.5K Bags slow and fast drops

    STATUS :ONLINE If the status says OFFLINE instead of ONLINE please don't leave the FC even if the thread is open. HOW TO JOIN Post your SCFC below and ill add you.Then ill invite you in RULES 1.Do NOT spend/bank money in this lobby 2.Do NOT deposit your money in to your bank 3.Do not ask...
  16. sirmakesalot

    GTA 5 | Money Drop Lobby | 2.5k Per Bag! | US-WEST

    Status: Closed - 10/15/18 RULES 1.Do NOT spend/bank money in this lobby 2.Do NOT deposit your money in to your bank 3.Dont report me or anyone in the lobby 4.Do not ask for extra money. 5.Enter to passive mode after joining server 6.Do not invite your friends. 7.Do not use your own mods 8.Do...
  17. G

    PERSONA Money Lobby /2,5k/1h/PC

    PC ONLY Rules: 1. add SC: skylinerhype 2. Join my game. 3. Turn on passive mode 4. Meet at the airport and spread out. IN GAME RULES: no killing no cops no explosions no bank money no spend money no report any players Fell free to donate: [email protected] Proof:
  18. T

    [PC] theMindGate's GTA V Money Lobbies - 2,5k bags

    LOBBY STATUS: ONLINE Please Read the Rules! THE LOBBIES ARE: - FREE - FOR PC ONLY RULES: - Change lobby before spending money; - Don't spam the chat; - Be respectful to every member; - Never bank your money; - Enable passive mode; - Don't get cops; - Don't invite your friends; - Don't use any...

    [Lobby Status: OFFLINE]? DomeShotDrops [Drop Lobby 2.5k]? WITH [⏫LEGIT RP Drop⏫]

    Add: PMMeUrTiddies [Closed] Just join no inv
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