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  1. Modder v7

    Discussion  Gamespy in Regards to Test Drive Unlimited

    Hello there all. Just a few quick questions about the Gamespy ID in Test Drive Unlimited. So, long story short, I wanted to try using a mod called Project Paradise for Test Drive Unlimited PC edition. I did some research and found out it might require the use of a Gamespy ID. Therefore: 1) For...
  2. N

    Hardware Mods  Slot Loading DVD Drive on RGH

    I am looking into making a 360 laptop. I want to make it to where it has a slot loading drive. Does anyone have any info on how to make one or which drive would work best or ANYTHING? I’m excited and motivated to accomplish this. I know on Xbox-scene there was a guy who did it but it has since...
  3. B

    Question  Download Xbox one purchased games via PC and transfer it to Ext Hard drive

    Is it possible? I am asking this because, when I download games in my Xbox one X it always ends up in "installation Stopped" error.
  4. FirezRVG

    Solved  Problem with Trinity RGH with Hitachi DVD Drive.

    As the title says, there is a problem with my Trinity RGH. I was able to RGH it but it would not boot with the Hitachi DVD Drive plugged in. I have done some research and believe this could be Xell Reloaded (Xenon Linux Loader) or it could be the glitch chip shorting out because of the metal...
  5. T

    Solved  liteon 16d2s dead / no power

    Hi I have a falcon 360 with a broken liteon 16d2s drive. It's one I picked up used with the defect, because I was planning on doing an rgh on it anyways. Now I dissasembled the console and studied the broken drive a bit closer, and it seems that the drive gets no power at all. The xbox...
  6. H

    Solved  RGH DVD drive plays DVDs but not Game CDs

    Hey guys, I'm facing an issue with my RGH DVD drive. When I put in a movie DVD or music CD it works perfectly, but when I put in a game disk, it either says Play DVD and then just shows the XBOX logo or says Play Game Disk and comes back to the dashboard. This had started a couple of months...
  7. N

    Solved  Original Xbox HDD Help

    So I have upgraded my HDD and everything worked. Al teast I think it did...? I can't find my /F drive folder at all. How did this happen, and how can I fix this issue and actually use my new HDD? Would love to start FTP games.
  8. coacar98

    Solved  How to i change out my Xbox 360 drive? Newbie here

    Hello guys. I have a fat Xbox360. Now, in it i have a LiteOn drive, which i wanna change out for a Benq Xbox 360 drive i have from my old Xbox 360, they are identical. Now, is there any other thing i should do? Now i've seen that for the Benq drive you don't need anything special from hardware...
  9. The Revenger

    Solved  Some games won't launch with my Hard Drive inserted

    Games like Alien: Isolation won't launch when my Hard Drive is connected. I have one in XEX format and another in a disc. But nothing works if my Hard Drive is connected. Please help.
  10. DiabloBah

    Question  CD Disk Pulling Apart?

    So, I've been playing a ton of Original Xbox games rather than my PC recently. But I bought a game recently and I'm wondering if someone could give me some insight. So I placed the disk into the Disk Drive, and I get a read error, but this is the ONLY disk to bring the error up in my whole game...
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