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  1. Cod_king757

    Discussion  *FREE* BO4 Beta download no code needed !! After patch Method

    Create new user Set location to Saudi Arabia Use postal code 12643 Verify email Go to saved data for free psn trial PlayStation store and find Bo4 beta under “what’s hot” and enjoy
  2. J

    Unsolved  How to unjailbreak my ps3?

    How can I put my PS3 PHAT back on Official Firmware? Back in December(2017) I got caught up in the hype of jailbreaking consoles. All of the "FREE PS3 GAMES" stuff convinced me that Jailbreaking the console would be for the better. Unfortunately, just like with real advertisements, there was a...
  3. cdubzthetroller


    If you have trouble downloading profiles for recoveries or whatever you are doing on your ghost then you are in the right place. To fix this logon to the account on your computer at Xbox .com . There it will ask you to verify. It will then send a code to the email of the account and get that...
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