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  1. G

    Patched  PS4 DM PROPS Online + more

    The method he shared does actually work to get props online, they do stick in the job and in the session of the person who you joined while performing the glitch once they leave the job. The steps are as follows: 1. Create a GTA capture to the point you can test and back out of the test. You...
  2. Federiko11

    Solved  [PS4] How to fix Dead Spot

    Hi, Unlikely doing this glitch ( I won a death spot on arena garage. Now I have a modded rocket voltic but also a useful car spot. I remember that a lot of time ago I tried to restore the same...
  3. Sir Kryptics

    Video  GTA 5 Solo Director Mode Glitch Modded Outfits 1.46! (GTA 5 Glitches)

    New video up! hope you like it!
  4. Sir Kryptics

    Video  GTA 5 Online *BEST* Blue Joggers Modded Outfit Using Clothing Glitches 1.46!

    New video hope you like it
  5. NightlyPower

    Video  SOLO GTA Online DM Glitch GTA 5 Director Mode Bug Patch 1.46

  6. Sir Kryptics


    Hope you guys like it!
  7. Ryan Carreon

    Solved  Those who have done the DM glitch have you across the stethoscope?

    Several YouTubers said it’s possible to get the IAA badge and stethoscope through the DM glitch. I recently managed to get the IAA badge today. However, during the process of it al I never once ran across the stethoscope. So I was wondering maybe I may have overlooked it or just not recognizing...
  8. Sky Air

    Discovery  Weird Director mode story mode glitch

    Step 1. Go to story mode Step 2. Go to DM Step 3. Choose any character Step 4. Press options and go/hover over Creator Step 5. Go to a recent activity and press start GTA Online Step 6. Click on creator Step 7. accept the first alert Step 8. Go to settings>Network>Disconnect Step 9. Go back...
  9. I

    Working  ►UNLIMITED DEATH MACHINE GLITCH STILL WORKING AFTER 1.31 PATCH (Black Ops 3 Zombies Glitches 2018)★

    ►UNLIMITED DEATH MACHINE GLITCH STILL WORKING AFTER 1.31 PATCH (Black Ops 3 Zombies Glitches 2018)★ ➜Thanks for watching! ➜ Enjoy the video ★Tutorial➜ 1. Pop your fatal contraption gobblegum. 2. Hold square to mount onto the dragon 3. Just before the end of the bar loading walk into the death...
  10. Sky Air

    Discovery  New weird DM Actor and camera glitch

    Step 1. Enter DM with a character then go back to DM trailer. Enter with a bird now and go back to DM trailer. Step 2. Enter as the character you selected Step 3. Go to Switch actor in the interactions menu Step 4. Switch to bird and then as soon as you do double tap to a recent activity and...
  11. Mr Glitches GTA

    Patched  Director Mode Outfit Transfer Glitch

    THIS REPLACES ALL OUTFITS SLOTS SO I WOULNT RISK THIS GLITCH IF YOU HAVE JOGGERS THAT YOU DONT WANT TO LOSE DM Glitch Founder Founder of the glitch ObeseGiraffe - outfit transfer obvious but for those who dont know Requirements 1 friend...
  12. SilkyDutch

    Solved  green duffel bags on female characters?

    Is it possible to get green duffle bags on female characters? Is there any save out with green bags on females currently?
  13. F

    Patched  How To Get Dm Trailer Online

    Video On How to Do The Glitch Founders (FireRecon) Step 1 From story mode go into dm trailer and choose a story mode character then click enter director mode Step 2 Once in director mode go to scene creator and choose scene 1 Step 3 Now go to props and go to stunt props and place 50 props Step...
  14. NextGenUnit


    I found another method, how to Save the green Duffelbag and all other Duffelbags COMPLETLY SOLO!! (29/05/2018) Shoutout to Rhino Modz who found the actual method! My YT Channel: 1. Create a playlist with some jobs(any Jobs you want) and...
  15. X_ilchiu_X

    Unsolved  Modded outifits savewizard

    I'm looking for someone to give me a tutorial on how to create modded outfits on savewizard for the DM shortlist list. I got the hex codes for everything. Help exchange
  16. Blunt3d

    Patched  Director Mode Outfit Glitch (PS4/XB1)

    Note: It takes approx. 25 minutes or more to duplicate birds :frown: This is a solo glitch. Shortlisted masks that turn into Christmas masks after returning from online or story mode Black Gorilla Mask White Unicorn Mask Light brown horse with white strip running down middle of face...
  17. H

    Patched  Maybe dm glitch ok?

    Ok so the steps: Method 1: 1. In story mode, open interaction menu and hover over director mode 2. Join friend in different targeting mode // recent activity 3. Spam A/X so u accept all alerts + spam A/X on the director mode so u enter it at the same time. 4. U go into clouds and time out so...
  18. N

    Patched  Hunt for DM outfits to stick!

    Alright Guys lets get back at it with those ideas about making the Director Mode outfit Stick. This thread is for trying to find a director mode stick method! We all need to brainstorm on the recent DM glitch and how we can get the outfits to save!
  19. Will14

    Tutorial  Outfit Sharing/Discussion/Tutorials from the SP-MP or DM Outfit Glitches

    This thread is for the outfits you have created using the SP-MP or DM outfit glitches. When you make a post in here, make sure to show a picture of the end result of the outfit, how you created the outfit and the components used. I created this thread because in the SP-MP outfit glitch thread...
  20. Jump_X

    Tutorial  (1.42) Director Mode online and money freeze with modder outfit (Infinite Money)

    Hi ! Sorry for my English Video to understand the manipulation in GTA: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TUTORIAL TEXT Step with the computer: Step 1: Download and buy a license to use save wizard...
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