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    Solved Disable or remove VAC?

    Hi, is there a way to disable VAC or prevent myself from being able to connect to secured servers? So to give some backstory before I begin I was VAC banned from Dying Light about a year ago for using the Dev/Debug Menu that was released at the time for the game. I had just been given it, used...
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    PC Far Cry 5 MenuMods

    Are there any real Mod Menus out for Far Cry 5 for the PC Version? I've looked online but can't seem to find anything that is real only fake ones or just SPAM on Google
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    Wrighting DLL hacks for games

    Hi, I wrote a DLL Injector and I have some basic reverse engineering knowledge. What I was wondering if someone could give me resources that could help me wright DLL hacks. I know how to get function pointers and memory addresses but I have no idea how I could call a function from a game within...
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    Solved Missing L360.dll file??

    Okay some I'm using Freestyle dash to extract Halo Reach. It is at 54% and just stopped. It says on the bottom "copying file L360.dll and it is not progressing. Any help would be great. (I understand if this thread is moved to Halo Reach modding as I'm not sure if this is something that may...
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    Hi sinners I'm looking for a dll hack for rust, of course undetectable. Has to work on Mac OS Other hacks or cheats are welcome as well. You can comment below or send me a pm please. D.
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    C/C++ How to build a c++ dll using its source code

    So I am new to creating programs in c++, well I know the fundamentals, but I am trying to compile this dll and I have no idea on how to do it, I have tried multiple times before and failed. The dll I am trying to compile is: http://zlib.net/
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    Unsolved MW3 Specular Offhost Not Loading

    I am trying to load Specular for Mw3 and it's not loading. I put the "dll_load.dll" in MW3 Directory and nothing happens... Any Help? (FIXED) if anyone else is having this problem LOAD THE DLL as "XeniumMW3.dll"
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    Mod Menu Brick's Menu v1.2 (Release/Source)

    Brick's Menu After much editing, i have got my menu looking amazing (at least, i think so) and still everything handles by the menu itself :biggrin: Download Credits to m0d-s0biet for the original menu base P.S I am not responsible for anyone who gets banned.
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