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    Solved  Lord of the Rings Conquest: Help with transferring Ps3 Dlc to the Pc version of the game, Is it possible?

    Hi, im a novice in this area so wanted to ask for some help, I have the pkg files of some ps3 Dlc and managed to open them with the ps3tools program so i now have the .bin & .pak & the level_info.dat files for the maps for the dlc etc. Is it possible to make them work for the pc version of the...
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    Unsolved  Saints ROW IV ( saints row 4 ) ALL DLC ( XBOX360 ) DownLoadableContent

    I got all dlc just ANIME PACK and STONE AGE PACK ? anybody got it?
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    Unsolved  Player count for BF1 DLC maps

    Hi guys! I know it's late, but , I was thinking about getting the DLC for BF1. My question is, how many people still play on the DLC maps? I want to get the DLC to unlock some achievements. So, is the DLC worth getting at the moment?
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    Solved  Forza Horizon - some DLC are not working [RGH]

    Hello everyone. Sorry if this has been asked before but I could not find the solution. I have a RGH modded Xbox 360 console. I copied Forza Horizon to the hard drive, downloaded title update 4 (via Aurora) and all DLC packs. I copied the DLC to Content\[bunch of 0s]\4D5309C9\00000002; they all...
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    Wanted... DLC for Transformers WFC.

    Hi. I recently had a problem with my trusty old ps3, and then got a message that my DLC package is corrupt. It seems impossible to re-download the DLC from PS-Store, as it is no longer available. Now I'm desperately trying to get a modded ps3 in the hope that I'll be able to play with the...
  6. Rage 2's Second And Final Major DLC Pack, TerrorMania, Is Out Now

    Rage 2's Second And Final Major DLC Pack, TerrorMania, Is Out Now

    Rage 2 has received its second major expansion, TerrorMania, which transports you to the "twisted and cursed alternate reality" of the Deadlands to battle a skeleton army. This DLC brings new lands to explore, new enemies, and a sword weapon, the Sword of Transitus. Protagonist Ranger Walker...
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    Unsolved  Using primary Xbox Live profile on an offline RGH 360 resulting in ban?

    I have a game that's got some DLC content that is no longer available and I want those achievements :). I have the retail game disc, but would have to download the DLC and install it on my RGH 360. Would I get banned if I play the game with the DLC on my RGH 360 while it being disconnected from...
  8. Hitman 2’s Halloween Event Looks Terrifying

    Hitman 2’s Halloween Event Looks Terrifying

    On Twitter, Io-Interactive posted a reveal trailer for Hitman 2’s Halloween event, which starts Oct. 22. The trailer isn’t exactly clear on what the event entails, but it is terrifying. The trailer shows Hitman 2’s opening mission, set in a fancy house on an isolated beach. Instead of Agent 47...
  9. BattleTech’s Next Update Brings Massive New Mechs

    BattleTech’s Next Update Brings Massive New Mechs

    Harebrained Schemes’ BattleTech, which launched in April 2018, is closing in on the end of its Season Pass downloadable content. Two pieces of post-launch DLC already introduced new missions, mechanics, ‘Mechs, and maps. Now the third, called Heavy Metal, is bringing out the big guns. The $19.99...
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    FOUNDER :B-MAN how to duplicate dlc weapons and mastercrafts currently only verified to work on xbox here is how to do it drop a sub while you are there
  11. Forza Motorsport 6 Is Free On Games With Gold

    Forza Motorsport 6 Is Free On Games With Gold

    Forza Motorsport 6 is currently available at no additional charge on Xbox Games With Gold, but if you want to get every single expansion and car available for the game, you can pick up every last piece of DLC at a massively reduced price too - but make sure you act quickly, because this is a...
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    Unsolved  Advanced Warfare DLC Camos RGH Download?

    Hello I Just Recently Got My RGH Console And Have Been Having So Much Fun Just Really Wanted To Find A Link Where I Could Download The DLC Camos For Advanced Warfare And Ghosts Ive Looked For Both Games And Was Looking For COD Ghosts Voice Pack Download And Couldn't Find That Either If Anyone...
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    News  Red Dead Online: Frontier Pursuits Out Now

    -Frontier Pursuits Trailer & Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club- -Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club Rewards Page- -Out Now Newswire- -Release Date Reveal Newswire Post- -OP Newswire- Leave your thoughts down below!
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    Discussion  Where is my Penthouse Artwork?

    Has anybody bought artwork and objects for their casino penthouse? I bought quite a few but none of them have appeared in my penthouse lol.
  15. The Division 2 DC Outskirts: Expeditions Release Dates Announced

    The Division 2 DC Outskirts: Expeditions Release Dates Announced

    The Division 2 is preparing for its first major content update, and it's on its way very soon. The first free episode of its Year 1 content plan, titled DC Outskirts: Expeditions, will release on July 23 for Year 1 Pass holders and a week later, July 30, for all players. The release is split...
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    Tutorial DRONE teleport Throw the dart in the air open the drone of outrider at the same time You should spam back into the map the run outside the map again open the hellstorm and blow it up then use the drone and go outside the map you are free to explore
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    Solved  DLC Dilemma - Possible to cross save without dlc on both platforms?

    I am extremely new to the Borderland franchise so, apologies in advance. I could use some guidance navigating through the DLC content to accomplish the following. I have the Handsome Collection on PS4 and able to create Gaige, Mechromancer, but when I load a previous character, such as - Maya...
  18. Hitman 2 DLC Out Now, Adds A Whole New Location

    Hitman 2 DLC Out Now, Adds A Whole New Location

    IO Interactive has released its first DLC location for Hitman 2. The new level, named The Bank, is set in New York City, and it's out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The location also comes with a new campaign mission called Golden Handshake, along with accompanying special contracts. In addition...
  19. Minecraft Adds Toy Story DLC

    Minecraft Adds Toy Story DLC

    The Toy Story Mash-Up pack adds a number of character skins from the Pixar franchise, including classics like Woody, Buzz, and Bo Peep, as well as new ones from Toy Story 4 such as Keanu Reeves' Duke Kaboom and Ducky & Bunny. Some of the new locations in the Toy Story Mash-Up Pack include...
  20. Tropico 6 Gets Ready For Consoles

    Tropico 6 Gets Ready For Consoles

    Tropico 6, the city/nation-builder which launched on PC back in March, is encroaching on consoles with an Xbox Game Preview version available now. Three months into the new game’s lifespan, developers are comfortable that the changes they’ve introduced are stable and play well with PlayStation 4...
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