1. J

    Unsolved  Crashing on Guitar Hero 2 on Xbox 360 RGH

    Wondering if anyone has had an issue when they get to the bottom of the dlc tracks the game crashes (fatal crash to auora desktop) Seems to be either youve got another thing coming or around that point of the dlc tracks (other tracks work no issue until I get near the last 4 or 5 song) If anyone...
  2. M

    Unsolved  How do you extract purchased dlc for rgh console

    Hi im not sure if this has been answered but I can't seem to find it if it has. How do you extract purchased dlc? I have multiple dlc on my stock xbox 360 the only thing I know is I can download the dlc and then move it to a USB which can be shown on the PC but I am missing the next steps to...
  3. C

    Solved  How to launch installed DLC, please?

    I have installed both Dishonored, and Bioshock 2 to my RGH's Xbox 360, and using Aurora I can start and play both games. I have also downloaded and installed the DLC for both games, and this seems correct, as when I go to either game in Aurora, then press 'Y' for the game information page, then...
  4. Missingside

    Tutorial  Can anyone help me find Call of duty world at war zombies Iso DLC Map packs for me please? JTAG

    I just want to try out my mod menu on the other map’s not just the 1 map..
  5. Missingside

    Xbox 360  I need some help figuring out what’s wrong with my Call of duty world at war zombies Map pack’s I’ve got the 3 flies in the Content folder 📁 4156081C

    And it says the map’s are unlocked in Xm360 but whenever I boot up the game the dlcs just don’t seem to work so could anyone help me with the problem? Also the flies in the content folder are 241AD8AAEB526583256DE0E95BF31EF217BE17DE41 3D8B3E11C132BAFB1CF8A94831E36BA7231D16F341...
  6. A

    Unsolved  Fatal Crash Intercepted DLC RGH

    Hi, everyone! While I'm in the game, when I navigate through DLC songs, the "fatal crash intercepted" error displays and take me back to Aurora menu. I put the DLC and title update through Horizon and manually in the external HDD, and the same error still appears. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  7. Narco Road DLC | Recovering Lost SB Drug Car | DRIP STAR LIVE

    Narco Road DLC | Recovering Lost SB Drug Car | DRIP STAR LIVE

    Narco Road DLC is on sale now for a discounted price on the UPlay Store. Go undercover and infiltrate the infamous Santa Blanca Cartel while gaining as much followers as possible!
  8. Dying Light DLC Low Gravity Event! New Weapons Pack + Buggy Skins

    Dying Light DLC Low Gravity Event! New Weapons Pack + Buggy Skins

    Techland has started a new community event that changes the gravity of Harran and adds new Alien enemies! This is all in promotion of their latest DLC add on pack the "Astronaught Bundle"
  9. Owens87

    Unsolved  dlc region

    hello i had to re downloaded call of duty black ops 2 region free cause my files got corrupt from the last time i played it and the dlc's and game are from the same website but when i load up the game in either multiplayer or zombies it tells me (the content you are trying to load is from an...
  10. A

    Patched  (SOLO) GCTF glitch out in the car meet.

    requirements arena workshop b1+B2 L’s car meet membership Method drive car out of b1+B2 and head to L’s car meet once there enter the building take the car into the test track enter with over players once in test track turn car around so ur facing exit call gerald Martin etc for job pull up...
  11. Native Pride 1988

    Patched  New!!!(AFK Exploit) REP at the Car Meet!!!

    1. Go to LS Car Meet 2. Hop in car and press right dpad into underground 3. Open Interaction menu - ls car meet - start time trail 4. Drive on all yellow destination until stop at last yellow destination 5. Doing AFK and you will notices RP will start increase {POTENTIALLY PATCHED! BE...
  12. Navy Davey

    Discovery  Yet another broken DLC🤣

    I have to say this is a cool and fun DLC! In true Rockstar fashion it’s broken the minute it’s released 🤣 When exiting the mod shop in the new garage the game smashes your car into the wall during the cutscene and damages it! When you return to the mod shop you immediately get the option to...
  13. [Steam Summer Sale Highlight] Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (85% Off)

    [Steam Summer Sale Highlight] Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (85% Off)

    Catch this classic Stealth style Action RPG for less than $5 USD only until July 8. Available on the Steam market place for only $4.49 USD, a total of 85% off the retail price. You literally cannot beat this deal, this game is a must have for anyone who hasn't copped it yet.
  14. T

    Solved  Gta v dlcs not showing up in the game (xbox 360)

    I just installed some gta 5 dlc from a thread with the latest title update but, but they are not showing up in the game, i verified the storage the dlcs are there, i even tried xm360 and its not showing up the dlc 1625078033 This is the Link where i download the dlcs
  15. E

    Solved  Lord of the Rings Conquest: Help with transferring Ps3 Dlc to the Pc version of the game, Is it possible?

    Hi, im a novice in this area so wanted to ask for some help, I have the pkg files of some ps3 Dlc and managed to open them with the ps3tools program so i now have the .bin & .pak & the level_info.dat files for the maps for the dlc etc. Is it possible to make them work for the pc version of the...
  16. A7Gamer

    Unsolved  Saints ROW IV ( saints row 4 ) ALL DLC ( XBOX360 ) DownLoadableContent

    I got all dlc just ANIME PACK and STONE AGE PACK ? anybody got it?
  17. An Indian sepoy

    Unsolved  Player count for BF1 DLC maps

    Hi guys! I know it's late, but , I was thinking about getting the DLC for BF1. My question is, how many people still play on the DLC maps? I want to get the DLC to unlock some achievements. So, is the DLC worth getting at the moment?
  18. T

    Solved  Forza Horizon - some DLC are not working [RGH]

    Hello everyone. Sorry if this has been asked before but I could not find the solution. I have a RGH modded Xbox 360 console. I copied Forza Horizon to the hard drive, downloaded title update 4 (via Aurora) and all DLC packs. I copied the DLC to Content\[bunch of 0s]\4D5309C9\00000002; they all...
  19. N

    Wanted... DLC for Transformers WFC.

    Hi. I recently had a problem with my trusty old ps3, and then got a message that my DLC package is corrupt. It seems impossible to re-download the DLC from PS-Store, as it is no longer available. Now I'm desperately trying to get a modded ps3 in the hope that I'll be able to play with the...
  20. Rage 2's Second And Final Major DLC Pack, TerrorMania, Is Out Now

    Rage 2's Second And Final Major DLC Pack, TerrorMania, Is Out Now

    Rage 2 has received its second major expansion, TerrorMania, which transports you to the "twisted and cursed alternate reality" of the Deadlands to battle a skeleton army. This DLC brings new lands to explore, new enemies, and a sword weapon, the Sword of Transitus. Protagonist Ranger Walker...
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