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dlc help

  1. A

    Question  [ Need help] GTA 5 Xbox 360 DLC

    I just got a new hdd for my RGH 360. I installed GTA 5 on it. Downloaded all the online dlc. The problems started when i tried to install the collector's edition dlc. It is supposed to give you 3 weapons ( desert eagle, shotgun, hammer), stunt plane trials, outfit for the 3 characters, a blimp...
  2. A

    Question  [ Need help] Grand Theft Auto V Xbox 360 DLC

    I just got a new hdd for my rgh. ( 1 tb western digital). I installed GTA 5 on it. Downloaded all the online dlc. The problems start when i try to install the collector's edition dlc. It shows up on the default dash, xm360 says it is unlocked. But when i start up the game, something has...
  3. D

    Trying to unlock my DLC weapons / Camos

    Looking to boost my DLC weapons (unlock them).. also looking to level up my weapons and exchange some camos ! add me my Activision is Frxn#2426251
  4. Jackswrld

    Question  Where can i download waw map packs for online?

    Title says it all its pretty much a requirement now to try getting in a game in 2021 if anyone know where i can get the files for the map packs for multiplayer it would be much appreciated :smile:
  5. Geddes2305

    Question  Skyrim DLC Download for Jailbroken PS3

    Hi! I have recently jailbroken my PS3 and wanted to learn how to install DLC onto it. I have Skyrim as a disk and want to install the 3 DLCs for it (Heartfire, Dragonborn & Dawnguard). I have tried doing it like this: 1) Downloading the correct PKG files for the game code (BLES01329); 2) Putting...
  6. ARTI11996

    Discussion  (xbox 360) x360rgh dlc xm datbase actual version

    hi i look actual dlc xm datbase for xm anyone help mee
  7. N

    Wanted... DLC for Transformers WFC.

    Hi. I recently had a problem with my trusty old ps3, and then got a message that my DLC package is corrupt. It seems impossible to re-download the DLC from PS-Store, as it is no longer available. Now I'm desperately trying to get a modded ps3 in the hope that I'll be able to play with the...
  8. DeliriousGhost

    Solved  Fallout New Vegas DLC Xbox 360 Jtag/RGH

    Hello there. Ive been looking for dlcs for Fallout New Vegas especially the Courier's Stash or the Dlcs inside Courier's Stash (couriers dlc is a dlc where it comebines 3 pre order content thingy, but they can be downloaded seperately) and I was wondering if anyone of of you guys know some...
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