1. Wblegoboy

    Hardware Mods  ROL Board DIY Repair (Controller Disconnects)

    After I successfully RGH(2.0)'d my Corona 360, I noticed that my wireless controllers would disconnect randomly during operation - especially if the controllers were lightly bumped on my carpet or even vibrating excessively in some games. After some Googling I learned that this is a problem with...
  2. A

    Solved  Build my own Xbox 360 RF receiver

    Hi there! I'm a hardware hack enthusiast and I was wondering if anyone had some information about the Xbox 360S wireless pcb. I already found a post about this which is kinda out-dated. For now I wanted to connect the chip to my computer and use it as a receiver. I found some pictures from...
  3. MikeyZombiee

    Solved  How do I make a Homemade 4gb Nand SD ?

    I have Corona v2, How do I make a homemade Sd dumper. Where do I attach the wires on the sd? Where do I attach the wires to the xbox? I have an ACEv3
  4. AntLion ModMic 5 - A Truly Modular Microphone

    AntLion ModMic 5 - A Truly Modular Microphone

    The AntLion ModMic 4.0 was a huge success in the gaming community due to its ability to turn any audiophile-grade headphones into a high-quality headset. In an attempt to further improve the possibilities of DIY audiophile headsets, AntLion has released an updated version of their microphone...
  5. Drumblanket

    Tutorial  Xbox One Custom Case Mod Tutorial

    I put together DIY tutorials for Controllers and Cases on my Youtube Channel. I wanted to share a case mod tutorial I did for a Fallout 4 Xbox One.
  6. Tiny Arcade: A Handheld Arcade Machine

    Tiny Arcade: A Handheld Arcade Machine

    Some of the older members on here may remember piling together as many quarters as they could find and using them at their local Arcade. Although this was before my time, I can still say that I got to enjoy these arcade machines a few times in my life. Now if Arcade gaming brought back some...
  7. E

    Discussion  Regular Xbox 360 power brick on devkit with sidecar

    I got a xna kit recently but no power supply so I've been doing a little reverse engineering. If you take apart the power supply and make this modification it will run. Beware though, if you ever short anything out it will probably never turn red, but for me this is better than nothing. Kit...
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