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  1. J

    Discussion  Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds Xbox 360 gamerpics (REQUEST)

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone here would provide a link to download gamerpics from Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds. The gamerpics for this game can't be found on Horizon.
  2. C

    Question  Netcut Issues

    I seem to be having netcut issues since the new patch ? am I the only one? Like I mean Lock does not work for me at all. And I was only able to get some supplies purchased to save the vehicles I am buying are not. As well the Auto shop merge did not work at all. I was guessing that was patched...
  3. Se7enSins Community Mod Pack | Updated with dev mode bypass (Unlock Achievements with mods)

    Se7enSins Community Mod Pack | Updated with dev mode bypass (Unlock Achievements with mods)

    I've included several immersion mods as well as re works to the games FX system, making explosions more realistic (HDR bloom) and higher res as well as new updated particle effects. Also removed those cartoonish orbs that plop out of the demons to replenish ammo/shields/health and replace them.
  4. skew78

    Discussion  What if I get banned

    Hi all I recently bought and installed GTA 5 on rockstar social club. I've been playing on ps4, and if I get banned on ps4, i just need to create another psn account and play gta again. But how does it works in PC ? Do I need to buy the game again ? Is there a method to bypass the third ban ? I...
  5. M

    Discussion  Vanguard Really supposed to have zombies?

    Alright so as everyone know's by now zombies is usually Activision's game mode & usually Infinity Ward or Sledge Hammer do the next CoD & switch back & forth between 2 companies or 3. But the weird thing about this year is that Battle Royale isn't a thing anymore & this year has zombies again...
  6. keepironman14

    Discussion  Question towards community feelings.

    I am wondering how the community reacts towards the people that are actively doing acts to get players banned while earning money from it. And if we have a group/place that goes to get these people banned instead? My friend boredly found a person streaming with ps4 modding in his title, we...
  7. B

    Discussion  Strange observation - RGH and booting in the heat

    I was testing out some brand new RGH modded console builds in my garage, which can sometimes get to 95f on very hot days. I noticed that the console I was working on was not getting consistent boot successes despite me narrowing down all the troubleshooting steps normally used for RGH. I thought...
  8. Lucky

    Discussion  Skate 4 - Overview, complaints, reviews, thoughts.

    I did a quick searchiesearch and couldn't find a thread on Skate 4??!??? Regardless, it's been over a year since EA announced Skate 4 to be confirmed. I was hopeful that by now we'd have some news on the game release, but still stuck waiting twiddling my thumbs... I guess that is the EA way...
  9. J

    Discussion  What's your favorite video game you've been playing?

    Lately I've been playing Transistor which is pretty amazing - I would give it GOTY for the refreshing gameplay experience. I played some Always Sometimes Monsters which was pretty terrible to be perfectly honest - it felt like a horrible cheap shot RPG that punishes every choice you make...
  10. EyeDuDab

    Working  Joining Random Heists & slightly Controlling The Randomness Via QuickJob Menu

    this is more of a tutorial to control the random jobs you get via the join quick job via the phone for any type of heists (not tested with casino heist fully) this is for the player who wants to join a specific set of heists more often than the others (works best for apartment heists) have you...
  11. XxUnkn0wnxX

    Discussion  MW x2 XP Tokens COD League Method

    So has anyone used this to gain a TUN x2 Tokens? I've used a number of disposable emails they haven't seemed to work but using this Method via a real Gmail address it seems to work. but I don't seem be seeing them in-game after redemption. [Needs Testing If it can be abused] as for the method...
  12. Risking Perfect

    Discussion  What do you guys think, Legit or Fake?

    I was bored and decided to look into the latest custom firmware (CFW) for the PS4. I found this article on jailbreakexploit and thought I would share and ask you guys what you think of it. Please note that I did not test this as I only have one ps4 that will never touch CFW due to my fear of...
  13. H

    Question  Where to purchase a Jailbroken PS3 with OFW 3.55?

    Hello, I'm Hexal. I am currently a newbie at this whole jailbreaking topic. Honestly, I don't know if this is in the right topic/thread but it relates to the Jailbreak/Jailbreaking subject. There might even be a existing topic about this already. I recently became interested in...
  14. C

    Discovery  Let's Talk About Bringing the Aircraft Carrier Online

    More than a year back I tried unsuccessfully to "bring the carrier back". Because it was so old I decided to create this thread in hopes of reviving the topic and possibly getting help from others here who may be more knowledgeable than me. So, here's my understanding of the game, it is not...
  15. T

    Rocket league Modding

    Just thought I'd open this up since i have yet to see a rocket league mod thread. My main question/ starting point is if it's possible to mod rocket league in a way to earn the items within the game. Thanks for any feedback or suggestions.
  16. jamesgarretttt

    Solved  Back in the modding game... help?!

    hey guys, its been a while since ive been active with a working console. Lo and behold tho, i am back. Apparently, you guys have been super busy finding new things and ways to exploit, which i am immensely happy about. Now i know about the basics. mod menus, game saves, recoveries.. that kinda...
  17. 505_

    Discussion  Xbox 360 disclaimer discussion

    Hello! I wanted to start a discussion on this since, you know. Gotta have something to ****in do. Well anyways. I can understand why modders want to jtag their Xbox 360s right now. Although I believe people should wait til the disclaimer is gone. Everyone knows Xbox 360`s status is good. But...
  18. Smacky Games

    Talkative and Friendly Let's Player!

    Hello everyone, I already made my introduction so no need to do it again. My channel is just few weeks old and we already reached some big goals: 100 subscribers, 1.000 views and 50 videos. I talk a lot, trying to be funny and entertaining, really friendly with people. I'm currently doing few...
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