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    Discovery  Superman Jump Still Possible

    Hey All, Looking to see if someone can help figure out how to replicate this, or if this was just a one-off bug whilst playing..! Shortly after aiming down the sight, I tried to jump roof which caused my character to jump an insane distance. Video footage of it here:
  2. S

    Discovery  Wall breach + extra glitches ive found.

    I have some other findings too but ill add them when im fully awake. Before i explain the glitch i seriously believe a car dupe can be done with this glitch after my testing but ive noticed no one seems to be taking the animation cancel glitch seriously so hopefully after testing this for over...
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    Discovery  Possible GCTF glitch using the Diamond Casino mission dupe

    Hi everyone! I came across a weird mistake while testing the recent glitch using the Diamond Casino mission. Here's the link to the exact steps I was using. -This happened while I was in an MC with 2 friends, all on the mission, and all of us were trying to dupe at the same time...
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    Discovery  Possible solo lobby

    Heading into Valentine yesterday when I got killed by a kid who just started a bounty. I caught up with him in the Heartlands and introduced him to Dynamite arrows. I repeatedly killed him until he parlayed with me. I also killed his bounty target. Then I went to the nearest Stranger mission to...
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    Discovery  Spawning with 3 Guns

    This happened just now in my GW match, I just died and was spam clicking on a teammate that was in a IFV. In the process of spam clicking, I spawned on them but was not inside the tank on the turret like i normally would be, instead i was standing inside the middle of the tank and had a...
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    Solved  Question:Party Bus

    First time poster, long time helper of anyone. Does anyone under the sun know how to mod the party bus, or know which methods still work... id like to make a f1 rim enabled festival bus but am coming up short on methods, i have a magic slot, i can do bennys merge etc but missing something .
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    Working  Change name of personal vehicle.

    Hello, this is the first time I'm making a thread and I'm Dutch, so exsqueeze my writing. Don't know anyone noticed but you can change the name of normal PV showing in garage or calling mechanic. 1- Have a PV that you want to rename in your garage/MOC. 2- Drive an Arena War Vehicle in Arena...
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    Patched  Fly Heli in Facility

    Hey, I was messing around with my akula that I have stored in the Facility and noticed, that you're still able to fly, when you have the phone up on Job Menu. While flying, you still can push vehicles like cars around. Could be a workaround for the Fly/Drive in Facility if you manage to kick a...
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