1. Professional

    Tools  Discord Rich Presence bot for Jtag/RGH and Xbox One

    I made a program so you can display your current Xbox Gamertag and title that you are playing, along with the title ID of the game and set it on discord *** UPDATED FOR XBOX ONE *** Features Automatic Gamertag detection Automatic Title ID detection Ability to copy Title ID to clipboard The tool...
  2. LoganBlain

    Xbox One GTA V RolePlay

    HRN (Horizon RolePlay Network) are looking for people that are interested in join our RolePlay Community. We carry out our RolePlays professionally usin DCRSCAD. If you are interested I can give you an invite to our Discord Server where you will be interviewed then you will be trained. It would...
  3. VirtusGraphics

    Show Off  Thread design | Grafik — A Discord Graphic design bot

    Made a thread design (an ad of sorts) for a bot I made
  4. SharphunterTgf

    Xbox One  GTA 5 Crew Recruitment

    - Discord: Stay connected with the crew. ------------------------------------------------------------------ - Xbox Club: Share content with the crew. ------------------------------------------------------------------ - Money Glitch: We Help the poor get rich...
  5. S

    Xbox One  Xbox1 RP Clan

    Join now! We are in need of players that are highly experienced and skills at certain tasks. We are also available to help start your roleplaying experience if you are willing to get into this field. Roles: Fire Department EMS Police Civilian Dispacher ATC
  6. D

    Xbox One  BCSO Xbox rp group is looking for new members

    BCSO rp group is looking for new memebers! We are a realistic Xbox one rp community with a complete cad that receives constant updates and an 18+ run discord server! We have multiple police and civilian divisions to join! If you would like to join the requirements are as follows. You must have...
  7. S

    Bo4 Boosting Discord PC?

    Can yall link me with a discord that does a lot of boosting? and is for free :D <3
  8. G

    all nighter

    im doing an all nighter with my cousin looking for funny people to hang out with on discord play some games and have a dark sense of humor sir_nasty2 add me on steam to get inv
  9. Discord is Going to Start Selling Games

    Discord is Going to Start Selling Games

    Discord, the popular voice and text chat app for the gaming community, is going to start selling games, Discord Inc. announced Thursday. The first official publishers to partner with the company for the program are THQ and Deep Silver. The game distribution system will combine a number of...
  10. loghxn

    Service  [Xbox One & Discord]Gamerpic/Display Pic Service(FREE)

    Hello, I've been doing this sort of service for a while now on other forums but recently decided to start doing Xbox One gamerpictures, all of my work is free and always will be. To request work i need this information:- If you arent sure what font you'd like go to dafont.com and pick one! Be...
  11. Xbox players will soon be able to link their Discord accounts

    Xbox players will soon be able to link their Discord accounts

    Microsoft and Discord are partnering to let Xbox and PC users link their Discord accounts directly into their profile.Think of it like adding another linked social media account to your Xbox Live account. An email from Xbox explains how the integration will work. “Open the Account Settings menu...
  12. T

    PS4  Real life roleplay PS4 server open for applications

    NEW RP server for ps4 Real life RP is a new server were looking for serious members that will take RP serious 16+ ONLY ROLES OPEN: Police Motorcycle club Mafia Civilian Military Tow truck Taxi ATC EMS And many more If you wanna join the server Go to our website here there you'll find an...
  13. G

    Money Dropping / 24/7 / 5+hosts / $2500 Bags / FREE

    24/7 Lobby Rules Don't kill other members Enable passive mode Don't talk in the in game chat Do not take other peoples bags Failure to comply by these rules can result in a kick from the lobby How to join Add SC below & wait to be invited!
  14. JaceyB

    GTA Money Dropping Lobby | FREE | 2.5K | 1.42 | 3-4 Million Per Lobby |

    Status Offline LOBBY RULES Do not kill other players You are required to stay in passive mode throughout the whole time of the lobby Do not invite other people NEVER BANK THE CASH THAT IS DROOPED DO NOT Spend any money in the lobby Be respective to other members DO NOT bring the cops to...
  15. KittenMilkshake

    WaW  [WWII/XB1] Zooted Competitive Gaming

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ZOOTED ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Who are we? We are a small open minded group of friends who would start to play...
  16. As Discord nears 100 million users, safety concerns are heard

    As Discord nears 100 million users, safety concerns are heard

    Discord has almost quadrupled its user base in the past year, jumping from 25 million registered users to more than 90 million estimated by the end of the year. The company told Polygon the social media service designed for gamers to hang out and chat with each other reached 87 million users at...
  17. Discord New Feature to Make Jumping Into Games With Friends Easier

    Discord New Feature to Make Jumping Into Games With Friends Easier

    Discord is introducing a new tool today for developers to make it easier for players to jump into games with friends, spectate during matches and send party invites. The feature, dubbed Rich Presence by the Discord team, is a software development kit (SDK) that will allow for easier integration...
  18. Discord’s iPhone app suffers major crashes, glitches with iOS 11 update

    Discord’s iPhone app suffers major crashes, glitches with iOS 11 update

    Reports of not being able to post photos, speaker issues If you’re using Discord’s iPhone app and have updated to iOS 11, you might have noticed a few problems. Users have reported an array of issues they’ve had with the app since updating, including the inability to post pictures or switch...
  19. S

    All  MULTI-COD Clan | recruiting right now, position requests!

    I recentally started a clan called WeeB (about a month or two ago), I'm doing position requests or just apply. We mainly do Call Of Duty and are on PS4 but any console is exepted. We already have 3 members... memers are welcome HERE IS THE APPLICATION: NAME: AVAILABILITY...
  20. LAGGxFitzy

    PC  Anyone down to play some Paladins?

    just looking for a few people to play some Paladins. Must have a mic, I am newb friendly, mostly play siege but i can also play payload, i main Pip, also would like people over the age of 16. I will give you my discord invite code through pm if you want to play.
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