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  1. Apokalypt


    Hello, Founder: Apokalypt (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1vlucILbKriD2mlbHEaKBQ) TutoFacileFrance (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWGFYEyvlmNEjPn4Ce2VZjA) My video: After the patch, with this new method, THE TIMING IS VERY HARD Work with: _Sultan RS _Slamvan Custon _RH8
  2. Apokalypt


    Hello guy Steps: _Go in your car in your MOC _Call mutual an get you ready to click on a vehicle _drive out the car and when the screen turns to the black click on the vehicle _when you are outside get out of the car as fast as possible _the plate as change :) I think I have found a bug for...
  3. sweedy

    Patched  Clean Dirty Dupes For Free

    After testing for a couple of days, I think I've found a way to clean dirty plates with no investment other than some time. Requirements: Some dirty dupes. An empty car slot. I had noticed that occasionally, I could add a clean plate to a car that was definitely...
  4. Battleaxe

    Solved  License Plate/Dirty Dupe Question

    Hey guys, Basically I hadn't played GTA V Online in over a year, and prior to this I did a duplication glitch before whereby I duplicated my Zentorno. I have the original and 2 duplicates which each had different stock license plates; However when I brought the original to LSC it allowed me to...
  5. supr420

    Solved  Custom Plate Issues: Help & FAQ - Why plates are not showing and how to fix it!

    This thread trys to answer questions dealing with custom plate issues! Click on the spoiler that match your situation and you will find your answers: [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER][/SPOILER] I tried to make it as short and easy as possible to answer questions...
  6. T

    Xbox One  Dirty Rich Gang New Clan! Join here! Xbox One!

    Dirty Rich Gang is a small "civilian" special operations group that specializes in taking over money. Operatives engage missions, high and low profile heists, as well as other paid activity in a professional, tactical, and timely manner. Operatives also engage in activities such as active bounty...
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