diablo 3 reaper of souls


    Game Mods  Diablo 3 Modded Character Sets

    Anyone interested in add me PSN : BigBangBungSHOW Non Seasonal Diablo 3 , hard core and normal Diablo 3 Modded Character Sets Diablo 3 Mods & Modded Items,PS4 and PS5 ONLY(Playstation). Reaper of Souls Mods for all classes including Monk, Wizard, Necromancer, Barbarian, Crusader, Witch Doctor...
  2. P

    Game Mods Xbox One  LF Diablo 3 reaper of souls modded gear xb1

    just started the game got to lvl 70 and looking to have a bit of fun but can’t find anyone that can help. LF modded set of armor and maybe two rings or something for a demon hunter. Or possibly be able to get the cosmetics? Please help Xb1 GT: DrinkABeer21158
  3. codyx44

    Game Mods  trading modded gear xbox 1 only

    i am trying to trade my softcore modded gear one of every class for hardcore modded i can also trade wings for hardcore i have one set of demon hunter hardcore and monk hardcore modded gear to trade for other hardcore gear trying to get a set of each class for hardcore so i can start doing free...
  4. Jupiterskiss

    Looking for friends for diablo 3

    I recently deleted my modded jewelry and sword on accident so im in the search of any modded gear i can get. i have a necromancer. I would also like friends to play with if any ones interested (^-^) Xbox1 : JupitersKiss00
  5. T

    Xbox One  LF modded gear

    Same post as everyone else. Finally switched from pc to console. Blah blah blah. But I'm looking for any modded gear, preferably in the ring / ammy catagory so it could be used on different toons. Thanks!
  6. truestu86

    Unsolved  Xbox one diablo 3 ros

    Just got diablo 3 ros for xbox one my 360 took a dive and had alot of gear lf anyone that could help me with any mods either character or non character specific thxs in advance.my gt is True Stu86
  7. Innovative

    Game Mods  Diablo 3 Modded Character Sets [FREE]

    XBOX ONLY - OPEN - Unless the status changes to CLOSED, I am accepting users Updated: 2021 Sets Available: (Demon Hunter) Damage: 112 Billion Armor: 178 Million Regen: 11.5 Million (Fastest Rift set with completion in 45 seconds - 1 minuet and 10 seconds.) (Wizard) [Dark Item Set] Damage...
  8. Diablo 3’s Retro Anniversary Event Returns

    Diablo 3’s Retro Anniversary Event Returns

    Blizzard Entertainment is bringing back its homage to the original Diablo in Diablo 3 for 2018. The annual Darkening of Tristram event will return to Diablo 3 on Jan. 1, 2018, at 12 a.m. PT. The Darkening of Tristram, originally held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Diablo series, sends...
  9. S

    D3 ROS XB1

    Anybody out there willing to give a guy a hand with some modded gear? Beaten the game up to expert difficulty and the grind is getting REAL GT: THE 31B KID
  10. T

    Diablo III reaper of souls

    I'm looking for ppl to play with and someone to drop gems . And Others ;)
  11. PapaKraven

    Unsolved  Diablo 3 RoS need modded crusader gear to help my buddies power lvl

    hey i'm looking for modded crusader gear preferably any thing that ups my CDR and damage so i can help my buddies power lvl/farm for the legit set gear they are looking for magic find would help a lot too my GT is PapaKraven if you can help
  12. Diablo 3 Is Free On Xbox One For This Weekend Only

    Diablo 3 Is Free On Xbox One For This Weekend Only

    Xbox One players looking for a new title to play have a great option this weekend. Beginning today, Xbox Live Gold members will be able to try Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition for free. Reaper of Souls was the first expansion for Diablo III. Along with a number of new skills...
  13. G

    Unsolved  LF Diablo 3 ROS Modded Gears

    Hello I do not have a xbox 360 to do the mods for gears i'm just looking for modded gear for a crusader. speed, xp boost, dmg boost, or possibly deathbreaths. gt is Gellectra
  14. C

    Unsolved  Diablo 3: Looking for Modded Monk gear

    Title. Looking form modded monk gear. Not interested in Max Para weapon. Just some stuff to use for farming.
  15. M

    Diablo 3 Crimson Wings Xbox One

    Would anyone be willing to give or trade crimson wings on xbox one? I know it was for playstation pre orders but I have seen it in game due to mods (of course). I don't like modding in Diablo 3, however, I would like these wings to match my red armor, no crazy russian swords, just some shiny red...
  16. Mr Dubai

    D3: ROS(XboxOne) Update

    hey all i have been working hard on this game right now here is one of the character i've made so far but let me know what you all think the picture is an example to show that is the type of stuff i will be doing..
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