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  1. I

    Question  4.84 Dex console Sprx's not loading?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, the quick rundown is recently downgraded to 4.84 Dex from 4.88 Evilnat specifically to run sprx's.....as far as i can tell no issues im able to get online using rebug BUT i cannot get any sprx menu's to load ive tried everything i can think of watched...
  2. IWillDDoSYourCouch

    Question  WaW freezes after converting from CEX to DEX (PS3)

    after i converted from cex to dex, every time I would load up waw, it would freeze. I know it's not a problem with the game because I converted it back to cex and it worked fine. Does anybody know how to solve this issue? For some further context I am running on rebug 4.84 spoofed to 4.86
  3. trizael

    Question  PS3 Error 80010017 Only On DEX?

    So , i wanted to install a mod menu on GTA V so i changed to DEX , when i did that my game didnt start anymore and it said : '' an error has occurred during start operation (80010017) '' now , i have found what the error is , its something to do with the EBOOT.BIN . But if i change back to CEX...
  4. E

    Question  Help with Rebug 4.65 DEX/DEX

    I have ran into 2 problems recently. 1. My Save Data Utility and my Game Data Utility folders are not appearing on my XMB. I am set up with Rebug 4.65 with Cobra 7.03 Dex/Dex. Is there a way to have these folders display again? I could see my save data when I went to the root using Mmcm but...
  5. D

    Question  out of bounds in theater mode ?

    hey everyone, I'm looking for some one to help me out with something : can someone create a sprx which would delete the bounds in the theater mode, then the camera would be able to go everywhere. Also I look for some one to create a little gsc menu which spawns fxs and models (included in the...

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  7. DropChains

    Question  How Do I Play Call Of Duty BO2 With A CFW? (Any Help Would Be Appreciated

    Hey Guy's, So I Recently Jailbroke With The New Exploit, This My First Jailbreak So Sorry If I Am Being Stupid But I Tried To Pirate Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, I Successfully Downloaded It With No Problems At All But Here Is My Problem: I Fully Converted From CEX To DEX Although To Be Able to...
  8. M

    Question  New to CFW and need some help please :)

    Hey I just bought my cfw ps3 a few days ago, I updated to the newest rebug dex and got the essential package files like psninja and sen enabler and webman. Everything was working fine I was playing bo2 online and GTA 5. Today I woke up and tried to sign in and I got banned already, 1 day after I...
  9. W

    Question  need help for going online to use seredipity on DEX

    Hi guys, I hope someone can help me Today got my new ps3 jb and would like to go online to play at gta. Unfortunately this does not work when I switch in the rebug tool to DEX. In the CEX, everythings working... but I need to be online in DEX for use the serendipity mod. here my data: REBUG...
  10. D

    Question  Bo2 PS3 eboot.bin help!

    Hello everyone, so I bought this jb PS3 with the bo2 menus on there, when I go to load up a mod menu and go online it never lets me find a match but when I don't load a menu online works perfectly I've been searching on the internet so see why and answers I've been getting is that it's the...
  11. T

    Question  Can't Get 3tb external drive working

    I bought a 3tb hoping to use it for game backups for my ps3 but I can't get it working I have tried 2tb fat 32 formated, ntfs formated and a mixed of both types of partitions gpt and mbr and I still can't get it going. Does anyone know how to fix this? I'm on rebug 4.80 dex
  12. UndamagedMist

    Question  Gta 5 Sprx Help Needed

    Hello I have just authorized my gta 5 mod menu serendipity but its stuck loading story mode how Do I fix this?
  13. jbdx

    Question  PS3 DEX BRICKED HELP

    Hey guys, So i was on 4.80 rebug d-rex and decided i wanted to go to ps3ita dex. I updated to 4.50 ps3ita perfectly fine, then i tried to uodate to 4.75 ps3ita, after it finished my ps3 wouldn't turn on, and now i just get 3 beeps and the light turns from green to yellow quickly then to red as...
  14. Caprizze

    Question  PS3 DEX Problem | Game Section dont want show up

    Hello guys! First of all, im kinda new to the Modding and I got now a Problem with my PS3 Fat. The Game Section doesn't want show up. Here is a Screen: How the issue occurred: I played a older Version from the Hack (dont know how to call it). Like from 4.65 > 4.63 (im not sure if it was these...
  15. IonicLithium

    Question  4.75 rebugged dex, work online

    I just got a 3.55 ofw PS3. I jailbroke it and got it on 4.75 rebugged dex that works online. I don't know what else to do, as in modding games. Like bo2 preferable. I have a menu, but I don't know how to load it and run it on the game
  16. T

    Question  TMAPI modding

    so i can use ccapi modding for cod but i want to try tmapi when i click connect on the mod injector (anymod injector) it says cannot conenct im not fully sure how to use tmapi if someone could help me out it would be great :) im on PS3ita 4.65 DEX have a DEX EBOOT for bo2 can get online can mod...
  17. T

    Question  Alittle DEX Help Please

    So I was on rebug 4.75.3 CEX and sued rebugtoolbox to change over to DEX it shows that im on Dex but i cannot connect to online when i use SEn patcher to go to 4.76 it makes my id all zeros and i get the error 8002A224 when i try to sign in. When i downgraded to 4.21 rebug Dex i would patch and...
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