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  1. GloriuzReytem

    Unsolved  [Question] how to put rgloader devkit on xbox 360 with rgh 3

    Hola a todos. mi pregunta es: como instalo nad 17559 con RGloader devkit en la consola xbox 360 con rgh 3 He visto tutoriales pero son para rgh2. alguien salve si puede en rgh3. Lo siento si estoy publicando en el lugar equivocado en el foro y mi inglés no es nativo.
  2. Proto

    Release  | FREE | Proto Stealth Service | JTAG/RGH/XDK | Requires XBL Gold

    5,500+ Total Users | 1,400+ Monthly Users Current version: 2.4 What is Proto? Written from scratch using pure research and combined knowledge, Proto is a free Xbox Live Stealth service that aims to deliver the best experience. Proto has seamless support for connecting your JTAG/RGH/XDK to Xbox...
  3. Chriss010101

    Tools  MrDucxy Gradient xNotify!

    Hello Se7ensins! I got bored and made a decent xNotify/HUD for those RGH/JTAG/DevKit Users. Hope you enjoy! Screenshot: https://ibb.co/zrVp3np Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/leud78a9u6xj57s/DucxyBlueGradient.xex/file
  4. xBronies4Lifex

    Unsolved  Where do i post leaked content for the xbox one x? For Example, Info On Devkits...

    So I happen to have some info on the Xbox One X....Where do i post it and how much is useful if not at all....
  5. Harmonic

    Solved  Help adding Xbox One to SDK

    Hey, So my Xbox One has been activated and it is now in Dev Mode. I also have the Xbox One SDK installed on my computer. How wold I go about adding my console to the SDK? Many Thanks.
  6. KJTR

    Solved  Is it possible to put a demon nand on a devkit with a side car?

    I got a devkit with a sidecar attached. I want to know if I can add a extra nand to it. And if I can change the dashboard on my stock devkit nand because its dashboard is funkey.
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