1. A

    Full Stack Development Career in Gaming World

    Hello All, I want to build a career as a full stack developer. Can anyone tell me, Is being a full stack developer a good career choice? and I want to know the average salary of full stack developers as well as the career scope of a Full Stack Developer in India? I have checked some articles It...
  2. goodladdys

    Unsolved  Understanding and using data in Mission JSON files from

    Hey Everyone, I'm sure some of you are aware you can get a Mission JSON file of any job from the social club website, it looks like this: I automate the process of getting these json files by simply...
  3. A

    Unsolved  SERIOUS: Did I brick my XDK?

    I tried to downgrade to one of the lowest XDK builds. My Xbox 360 was manufactured in 2007-09-19, and it's a phat white. I am really worried right now, since I bought it for a bizarre price of $300. I am gonna be severely depressed if its bricked or dead. So I will tell you what happened. I had...
  4. A

    Solved  I need to downgrade XDK. Please help me.

    Hello everyone, I would like to downgrade my Xbox 360 Demo Kit to the point where I can have the good old Blades dashboard. My flash is 14719.0 And XDK is 2119.0 I want my flash or dashboard to be 6717.0 I heard that its possible to either downgrade or upgrade an XDK console. I am new to the...
  5. Mobfather Repair

    Solved  Help me finish a mod.

    So, I've added internal Memory into a phat system via the memory card slots. Just using the 3.3v to power the USB drive. I've been told that could lead to data stability issues. I then decided to use the 5v and ground point from a phat Ace V3 install, which ended in the system going to red ring...
  6. Deep Silver Confirmed Dead Island 2 Is Still In Development

    Deep Silver Confirmed Dead Island 2 Is Still In Development

    It has not been an easy road for Dead Island 2. The game was first announced in 2014, but since then it lost its initial developer and faced considerable delays. Despite that, the game's publisher, Deep Silver, is assuring fans that the game is still in development and will definitely still...
  7. Microsoft Confirms New Xbox Console is Already In Development

    Microsoft Confirms New Xbox Console is Already In Development

    Microsoft has teased the next console coming after the Xbox One. Speaking during the company's briefing today at E3 2018, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said Microsoft is already "deep into" the early stages of the next Xbox consoles. Spencer said Microsoft is "deep into architecting the next Xbox...
  8. Spec Ops: The Line is Free on Humble Bundle

    Spec Ops: The Line is Free on Humble Bundle

    Spec Ops: The Line is free for PC owners for the next two days, courtesy of Humble Bundle. Yager Development’s 2012 shooting game is best remembered for its attempt to bring a sense of melancholy to a well-worn genre. Bullets are almost realistically fatal. Wounded enemies writhe around in...
  9. Bleys1137

    Tutorial  How to enable Developer Options tut

    Go to settings and find about phone and then find build and tap it 7 times and it will allow you to be come a developer of the phone works on every Android Phone and Tablets
  10. X

    Solved  Help With software development

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help, as I have now got use to the hardware side of RGH'ing, I would also like to know more on the software side of things such as coding to develop tools/ mod menus and generally being able to make the most out of a rgh xbox. If anyone could give me links...
  11. P

    Some Xbox One Research Progress

    I just wanted to share some of my recent findings in the xbox one's dev mode: First of all: I actually achieved some sort of messy unsigned & unsandboxed user mode code execution But as of now I wasn't able to find any interesting entrypoints to elevate to admin or even change something in the...
  12. jackorama

    Would you play my game?

    Hello. I am going to be releasing a game on PC. I have been working on this game for about 5-6 months and it is coming together good. About Me: I am only one person doing this and still learning a few things too. This is not my first game but this game is one I have not given up on. About The...
  13. Zoid in Code

    Front-end framework | Architect

    Hey, my team our working on a front-end frame work called Architect. Since making a framework is a big job we are looking for web developers to help us crate Architect, if you are interested please send a personal message my way. Anyway, Architect at it's current state has a container system...
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