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dev kit

  1. E

    Hardware Mods  I need DEV nand for fixing my XCGPU that have zero cpu key.

    I need DEV nand for fix my XCGPU that have zero CPU key. I will use with XDKRecoveryXenon21256.18 for fix the CPU key. If anyone have please let me know where I can download DEV nand? or please help me by sending to my email : [email protected] Thank you in advance. 1670587913 I mean DEV...
  2. GandaulkMcNugget

    Tutorial  Using Your XDK: PIX (Performance Investigator) Tutorial

    XBOX 360 XDK TUTORIALS - PIX Getting an XDK can be a really exciting thing if you haven't already explored, or played around with one before! I decided to write this tutorial as a lot of the tuts I see around aren't very beginner friendly, and the community seems agitated to help new owners. If...
  3. T

    Solved  Jackpot: A few questions

    I took a trip to my local flea market the other day and bought 7 consoles for parts. I get home and test them, 2 working Jaspers, 1 working Falcon, 1 Zephyr that will turn on but the light flashes green (Loose disk tray?), and sadly 3 with RROD (Xenon, Falcon, and Jasper). I’m kind of excited...
  4. W

    Solved  Can anyone help me with some XDK questions?

    I am so happy to finally purchase a dev kit. Well it says x360 test kit but the Ebay listing said development kit. 16547.0 21256 3 xdk. My first question is how do I successfully update my Xdk before getting memory dumps when loading debug files without getting bricked? Second question- the...
  5. OvaKill

    Solved  How would I get a Whitelisted Dev Kit?

    I'm looking for a way to get a whitelisted Dev Kit I heard if you develop a Game on PC and decide to port it to XBOX 360 MS would give you a white listed Dev Kit but any other ways to get a true White Listed Dev Kit?
  6. superaison

    Tools  Microsft Original Xbox XDK 5933 (Xbox SDK March 2005)

    Original Xbox XDK 5933 (Xbox SDK March 2005) WAM is proud to present XBOX XDK 5933. Digital signatures removed to protect the guilty. This release is for all the great xbox homebrew developers out there. WAM loves you all!! Notes: ~~~~~~ So Whats this? A new XDK? But microsoft said 5849 was...
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