1. F

    Unsolved  Need help fixing Destiny iso RGH

    I just got destiny the taken king iso, i go to the missions and they're locked. how would i get the game to unlock the missions? I've tried to look this up but no luck.
  2. xGamer7777x

    Streaming / Video  Playing Destiny 2 and This Happened


    Discussion  Hi i do the dungeon prophecy solo flawless

    If you are interested please send me message in my discord DEVILD4NTE#9210 Thank
  4. MasterWarrior_17

    Discussion  I have Destiny Taken King Legendary Edition, yet it shows i have to buy it?

    Hey! I downloaded Taken King Legendary Edition yesterday, started it up, the game downloaded compability files and installed Destiny. I noticed when choosing destination in-game it says I have to purchase Taken King when I am already playing it? What am I doing wrong? Sorry if I am dumb, I never...
  5. iPilllsV

    Solved  Need help making a Destiny Bypass for RGH

    I am looking for any help on making a Destiny Bypass for RGH/JTAG the latest one got patched and i am looking for anyone who can help me or shed some knowledge on me on how to make one or anything really. Just need any help i can get on it because their Ban rate is very high and suspensions can...
  6. Peric Revived

    Xbox One  I'm looking for a carry for the black armory forge.

    My current character is only 542 power so I'm wondering if anyone is willing to just carry me through the forge. It'll really help me out. My gamertag: Peric Revived If so, just message me or invite me to a party. I'm appearing offline btw.
  7. Sign-Ups Are Now Live For BioWare's Anthem Alpha Test

    Sign-Ups Are Now Live For BioWare's Anthem Alpha Test

    You may soon have the chance to try out the new Destiny-esque action game from BioWare, Anthem. EA has announced an upcoming closed alpha test, and sign-ups for it are now live. As outlined on EA's website, the test will be quite brief--it'll run from December 8-9, though it'll be available on...
  8. O

    BO3 WWII  OPz Klan - PS4 Looking for new members

    We are a brand new clan hailing from leprechaun land. We are recruiting people to join our clan. We play Call of Duty WW2, Black Ops 3 & other games like Fortnite, Destiny & Rocket League. We don't mind if your a casual gamer or an everyday gamer if you enjoy to play and want to have fun...
  9. T

    IW MW MW2 MW3 WaW Ghosts AW BO BO2 BO3 WWII  The Fallen Arise Gaming Recruiting!!

    The Fallen Arise Gaming is looking for members to join our new clan. Anyone is welcome to join the team with these following requirements. ***PLEASE LIKE OUR FB PAGE*** Must be active [No Exceptions] Mic is preferred Must be Xbox One [Working on a...

    All  Looking for a Clan? Come Join HEROxGaming Community

    What We Offer : Almost 100 active members with HEROx in their GT Monthly Contest and Prizes 8 Years as an Organization HERO Merchandise Members Advancement Structure Website/Social Media/Twitch To join HERO : Must be 16 years or older Able to change GT to HEROx(?) within a time frame Must...
  11. Destiny 2 Servers Down For Maintenance; New Update Releases Today

    Destiny 2 Servers Down For Maintenance; New Update Releases Today

    Destiny 2 servers have been taken offline for previously scheduled maintenance. They'll remain down for the next few hours as Bungie prepares to roll out the game's next update on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and it's shaping up to be one of the biggest so far. Maintenance is now underway, preventing...
  12. RemasteredModz

    Solved  Destiny 1 Xbox 360 RGH do i need a bypass or real gold to play destiny

    so im just curious becasue on the internet i cant find any answer so im asking you guys. What do i need to do to play Destiny on the xbox 360 RGH without getting banned what exactly do i need a bypass? Real Gold? Thanks
  13. Destiny 2 PvP: Crucible Beginner's Guide

    Destiny 2 PvP: Crucible Beginner's Guide

    Destiny 2 has arrived on PS4 and Xbox One, and nearly two weeks after launch, it's now complete with the Raid, Trials of the Nine, and everyone's favorite merchant, Xur. While much of Destiny 2 is cooperative, you can enter the Crucible to go head-to-head against your fellow Guardians. A lot of...
  14. Certifiedsnipe

    Discussion  Best way to get to 300 Power in destiny 2

    So this may be known by some and may not be. So I will be giving all my info on how to reach 300+ power on destiny 2. The main thing is time! If you aren't grinding destiny you are gonna have a hard time getting 300+ right now. That being said this will help you out very much. So obviously...
  15. DOMIN8

    All  OFFICIAL 7S Destiny 2 Clan

    SEVENSINS GUARDIANS Also consider joining the Club on Xbox as well. PC/PS4 SEVENSINS GUARDIANS TOO
  16. The Five Biggest Changes In Destiny 2

    The Five Biggest Changes In Destiny 2

    If there's a single word to describe Destiny 2, it's disruption. In the sequel to Bungie's popular shared-world shooter, the Guardians of Earth have finally met their match with a new villain who's got his eyes on The Traveler. Our heroes, with their powers stripped away and all their gear...
  17. Massdestruct

    Destiny matches

    If you want to play destiny with others send a friend request to my gt: massdestruct01 with the message ,came from se7ensins or comment your gamertag ( matches include crucible, raids and strikes)
  18. Destiny's Final Iron Banner Competition Begins Today

    Destiny's Final Iron Banner Competition Begins Today

    Destiny 2 is right around the corner, and so Destiny 1 is winding down: the game's final Iron Banner begins today, so jump on this week to win some last-minute loot. The Iron Banner competition has been a staple of Destiny since soon after its launch. The event usually lasts about a week, and...
  19. Free-to-play Warframe dogs Destiny's steps

    Free-to-play Warframe dogs Destiny's steps

    Digital Extremes director Steve Sinclair likes to tell a story about the early years of Warframe. He was exhibiting at PAX East in early 2013, when a small group of guys from Bungie dropped by the booth. Warframe had just gone into open beta. Bungie's Destiny had recently been announced, though...
  20. Activision on what Destiny 1 failed to do.

    Activision on what Destiny 1 failed to do.

    The 2014 original Destiny was a well-received and very popular game. However, there are some areas that could have been better. Now, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg has spoken up to say Destiny 1 didn't release new content fast enough, and Destiny 2 is going to improve upon. "I have...
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