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    FIRST 25 People To comment give feedback and message me will get a free design made by me. 1598066209 Lets get this pinned. One of the best designs coming up.
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    Discussion Fashion League

    Hey everyone that frequents this small section, just want to start an ongoing thread for car designs. Show us your best car, show us designs you need advice on perfecting. Normally I'd ask what the key price of the items entire design is alongside your console, however, with crates going away it...
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    Show Off Thread design | Grafik — A Discord Graphic design bot

    Made a thread design (an ad of sorts) for a bot I made
  4. Valve Redesigns Steam Game Library Adding Steam Events

    Valve Redesigns Steam Game Library Adding Steam Events

    Valve breaks down what’s changing on Steam at GDC 2019 Valve is making some big changes to Steam in the coming months with the addition of new features like Steam Events and a redesigned look for your game library. At the 2019 Game Developers Conference on Thursday, Valve’s Alden Kroll revealed...
  5. New Xbox One Controller Designs Look Pretty Sweet

    New Xbox One Controller Designs Look Pretty Sweet

    Microsoft has announced three new Xbox One controller designs. Announced on the Xbox Wire, the new colours include Green/Grey, Patrol Tech, and Volcano Shadow. All of these controllers work with the Xbox One and the upcoming Xbox One X console. You can use them on PC as well, though you'll need...
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    Request I'm looking for available Graphic Artist(s) for Website Artworks/Theming

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a Graphic Artist (or multiple even) that could help me create/edit images for a website. Area of tasks Creating Artworks (YouTube Banners, Avatars, Logos, Background Images, etc) for Season Theming (Summer Theme, Winter Theme) Realizing and managing special...
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    Take a look at my work please?

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    Show Off Have you ever Revamped One of Your Sigs?

    So I thought i'd test this out! I was wondering if anyone has ever revamped any of their sigs? In other Words, Gone into a PSD that you made way back when you didn't know much about making sigs and kind of revamped it to make it better. I did this to a Venom Signature that I made back in...
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