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  1. B

    Question  How to boost my GTA online account ps4

    How do they boost accounts? The main one is not duping but spawning the deluxo to resell at 2.8mil. All have different license plates. Other boosts are buying offices and upgrading to the max and such. Or RP. How is this done? Gta 5 online ps4. It does not involve a glitch. Thanks.
  2. K

    Patched  Oppressor MK2 (and possibly Deluxo) dupes that stick on PC [solo]

    I finally found a way to get sticky mk2 dupes, as all the PS4/XBox methods didn't stick on PC (the dupes would revert to the replaced vehicles). These dupes can't be sold ($50k limit error) but they're useful if yours gets blown up and you want to quickly grab another mk2 from the MC menu...
  3. Chewbocko

    Patched  Deluxo Dupe - New version

    This is a bit of a rush post. So far I've only tested the deluxo, but the Oppressor mk2 should work the same. Requirements - - Deluxo or Oppressor mk2 - Elegy or merge car - Nightclub and CEO office with apartment in CEO office(for spawn location) - Bunker and MOC with a PV storage -...
  4. P

    Solved  Deluxo sale price before and after unlocking trade price

    I purchased some Deluxos prior to unlocking the trade price on my second character, and still have not unlocked the trade price. Their sale price is currently $2,832,800 for a stock Deluxo, whereas the sale price of a Deluxo for my first character, who bought them after unlocking the trade...
  5. J

    Patched  Oppressor dupe stuck need help

    I found a way to almost duplicate The oppressor, It’s the same method as duping the deluxo. 1. Wall breach underneath the map at the airport w deluxo or oppressor 2. Fly to the hanger interior underneath the map then get kicked out of the hanger 3. Go to your hanger and get in the vehicle...
  6. Love_se7ensins12


    1. you need to own the arcadius Ceo building 2. get deluxo and drive into this breach (see videos for better understanding) 3. find right spot to spawn inside the office. done. (sometimes you can spawn in the mechanic room but it teleports you outside of the building and the car isnt there...
  7. R

    Solved  Deluxo Speed Glitch Question

    Hi FORUM-people, yesterday I was flying around in my Lazer when suddenly a Deluxo approaches in top speed from behind. this dude was going so fast he outpaced my Lazer with his Deluxo without any problems. When I saw this I was pretty sure that I'll find the instruction for that glitch here...
  8. CBD420

    Patched  Get passed small water bodies with deluxo under the map

    So there really is no actual glitch with this it's more of a discovery I thought I'd share for any glitch hunters that wanna try to get a glitch from it. can be usefull I realized that the deluxo can only go so far down in hover mode and went near the ocean and noticed that the level was sea...
  9. technoboy_

    Patched  Get Back Into Avenger with your Deluxo (While in Auto Pilot)

    Hi, i found a way to get back into your Avenger while in Auto-Pilot-Mode. You need to land your Deluxo on the Avenger, and get between the top turret and the back of the avenger. I made a video to show you how i did it, im pretty bad at explaining. If the thread is wrong here, a mod please move...
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