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    Solved Dead Spots in Apartment Garage

    I just recently did the latest solo dupe glitch involving the Titan, once I duped a Retro I drove it back to the garage where I called the free Elegy from. Then I went and sold the Retro. Once I tried buying a free Elegy to that same garage it now has 'Empty' spot and can't replace over it...
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    Solved BMX in Kanjhali spot

    Im just looking for an answer from someone whose done similar. Ive scrolled threads and havent found the specific answer. I put my kanjahli in svw with bmx teleport exit glitch. So i dont want a dead spot. Im hoping i can just move the bmx to a garage and order a new kanjahli once the spot is...
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    Patched How to fix dead spots in facility caused by special vehicles

    ℑ know there are other threads about fixing deadspots, but not about this kind of dead spot and the other threads aren’t updated anymore as far as ℑ know. If not please correct me/move/close the thread. If you end up with a dead spot in your facility just like ℑ did by accidentally swapping my...
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