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  1. Entropy1337

    Solved  [RGH] BO2 Mob of The Dead "player has left the game"

    Hello, I have a problem with BO2 zombies map "Mob of The Dead", when I start the game it just loads up for me, but it will show that other people left (everyone) and they will be stuck on "Waiting for other players.". It just happens with Mob of The Dead, nothing else.
  2. Professional

    Question  Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910G will not turn on most of the time.

    Okay so basically I have a friends Galaxy Note 4 and it won't turn on most of the time, and the only times it ever turns on is when it runs flat from doing the power button trick without the battery in for like 3 minutes about 30 times in a row. Then when it does turn on it stays on the Note 4...
  3. The Revenger

    Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime doesn't charge

    Hello. This is my second forum. I am here to ask that my Redmi 3S Prime is not charging. It is out of battery now. I tried 3 different chargers, but none of them worked. Please help.
  4. A

    Solved  Mod Request - Red Dead Redemption

    Hello everyone, pretty new to this site, so not sure if this is the place to post this, but it seemed like a good fit. Basically, I've been trying to mod RDR 1 for the X360 for quite some time, but with little success. I'm hoping it's possible for someone to create a mod that does one or more...
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