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dead spot

  1. DonWakita

    Solved  moving dead spots to hangar?

    Hi Sinners. I have 2 dead spots, 1 in my clubhouse and 1 in the personal vehicle storage of my MOC. I moved them myself to those locations back in the day but now I would like to move them to my hangar as I don't really care about airplanes. All my other garages are full and I've sold airplanes...
  2. C

    Solved  Fix dead spots on gta online

    Does anybody found a way to fix dead spots on gta online? I have been looking for a solution and nothing yet.

    Solved  Nightclub issi dupe glitch dead spots?

    I have been doing the nightclub dupe glitch and selling the issi with no issues until today every issi I sell now gives me a dead spot :( is this because it’s an arena vehicle and should be moved back to the arena before being sold or am I missing something? Please any help would be great ty
  4. LuganoffIsBack

    Solved  Bike rack dead spot (Need Help)

    Hi guys So yesterday I wanted to create a magic spot. But I couldn't because I noticed I had a dead empty spot on one of my bike racks from a previous glitch that allowed me to switch my BMX from bike rack to a normal garage spot. I want to fix my empty spot but I couldn't find a way to do...
  5. Captain Pocky

    Working  AVOID DEAD SPOTS -- A Guide to Vehicle Storage & "Any PV Any Garage" Glitches

    Hello all, Recently I have seen a lot of people trying to figure out what is causing their dead spots and I therefore thought I would create a thread dedicated to the things I have learned about dead spots & the way this game saves vehicles. This guide is broken down into background...
  6. rodd1981

    Solved  Khanjali swapped by Buzzard on facility

    I'm trying to help out a friend to fix an issue on his facility (he accidentally swapped his Khanjali with a Buzzard). He is unable to move/replace his cars in the facility (I believe this happens if you have an aircraft sitting on a vehicle slot - R* hotfix). Do you guys have any idea how to...
  7. J

    Solved  Dead/Ghost spot Phenomena Hub - Let's bring it to the table!

    Dead spots A.K.A Ghost spots are unusable car slots in the garages. For example, you may have a 10 car garage and you can't use one or more spots as they are indicating that they are empty but you can't store a street car on it or purchase a new vehicle on it. This a very disturbing issue and it...
  8. Dynasty007

    Solved  Best way to remove vehicles on bike rack

    So with a previous glitch I managed to get 3 vehicles on my bike rack and now I want to remove them however im not sure what the best way would be without creating dead spots or causing bugs. There are a few different choices I have but im not sure what to choose. 1) Replace street bicycles...
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