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  1. K

    Solved  How´s my IP getting pulled through an ingame lobby

    So as the title suggests I'm getting booted a lot in League Play. I don't interact in any form with these guys except for being in match with them but they still manage to pull my IP. I'm curious how that's possible, since (at least to my knowledge) it's only possible to pull someones IP with...
  2. GrayRat

    News  Blizzard is being DDoSed, all games are down

    Blizzard is once again facing DDoS attacks which is currently affecting all of its game servers and as a result, no one is able to play any of their games let alone Overwatch. This time around, the DDoS attack started off with creating login issues for Blizzard players. This is something that...
  3. M

    PS4  Help finding PS4 Server IPs on Ark

    It would be amazing if anyone could assist me in finding the IP address of a certain Ark ps4 server or just finding the IP address of someone in a party.
  4. GrayRat

    Discussion  What is Overwatch DDoS?

    Have you ever been randomly disconnected from a game of Overwatch due to lag or network connection errors? Well, if you have then there's some potentially bad news for you. You might have become a victim of what is called Overwatch DDoS. It might be confusing that how can an individual get...
  5. Esilious

    Question  Xbox extremely slow after getting DDos'd.

    Okay so I was playing Destiny 2 with friends on trials when we matched against a bunch of scrubs who ddossed me. (My Xbox froze for a couple seconds then I got kicked to the Xbox Home and I was disconnected from my internet) after that I was able to get back online with no problem. The next day...
  6. B

    Solved  Hit offline

    Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone knows how I can prevent from being hit offline while playing games in matchmaking? Was just hit offline for about 20minutes. Any advice would be great! ;)
  7. Outlast47

    Ark Duping

    I was wondering if anyone has any info on how to I know what to do up to the crashing the server.
  8. xxmotionzzxsynx

    Xbox One  Ark Duping Need One Guy On Xbox With Low - High End Booter!

    Hi, I have a booter that fairs pretty well with hitting servers, and I just need anyone with any booter to help me push the server from 255 Ping so It'll roll-back. If you're interested I'm willing to share anything I dupe! Hit Me Up on Xbox One GT: iiTyche Msg me and I'll get back to you as...
  9. O

    Question  VPN TROUBLES

    so i have followed every video known to man 3 different computers and all sorts of different ways to connect and 2 vpn companies and still can not get my computer to allow internet to be shared from vpn to ethernet port(xbox) it says its shared but the vpn will have internet and the xbox wont...
  10. Hybrid_Mods

    Solved  DDoSDeflect Reviews?

    So I am looking at VPNs to use with my RGH to protect my other retail consoles and to avoid being hit off by other players. So i want to hear what you guys have to say about it! Issues? Connection? Let me know! Thanks.
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