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  1. On Baby Toes

    Discovery  Duplication

    Looking for a duplication glitch for PS4. Will pay, thanks
  2. S

    Discovery  Dayz dupe method

    Looking for a working dupe method on Xbox. Will pay money
  3. H


    Hello, Please remove if not allowed here... Total Server Population: 10 Slot Server Server Map: Chernarus Server Name: Ne$T vs EviL DeaD Password: (PM for requests...) I own a private server (Xbox One) and have customized and updated certain xml files/mods to our liking... modifications...
  4. hawayman

    Discussion  [PC] Undead Wasteland Livonia - Treasures, Custom Y X, Radiation, Airdrop, Loot

    Undead Wasteland Livonia DayZ Server is offering experience what most of servers don't have! Server has a reasonable amount of mods (mods what actually is useful and cool) and uses vanilla Livonia map without any custom building bull**st. Reasons why you should join Undead Wasteland server, has...
  5. hawayman

    Discussion  delete

  6. J

    Discussion  Dayz dup method

    Found a disconnect method trying to expand on it
  7. R

    Discovery  Looking for dayz Dupe 1.06 Xbox

    I heard there’s a dupe glitch if you have two Xbox’s? I have two. Need more info if anyone has help me out! I’m trying to make my base metal ?
  8. T

    Xbox One  Xbox One DayZ Dupe 1.05

    Bohemia is removing dupe tutorials for copyright on YouTube lol. Thoughts?
  9. Q

    Solved  DayZ duping help needed

    Hi I'm looking for help with duping on dayz xbox one, I've heard its something to do with using a hotspot but I've tried working it out myself and just cant figure it out
  10. LookBroZombies_XBL

    Discussion  DAYZ Xbox preview worth $40!?

    I have been reading reviews of this Xbox version and 52% of the reviews on the MS store are 1 star. It’s pretty obvious to me that I shouldn’t buy the game yet but I’m hoping as time goes by they will update it and lower the price but I can’t be sure obviously. I made the mistake of buying...
  11. DayZ is Coming to Xbox One First

    DayZ is Coming to Xbox One First

    DayZ developer Bohemia has confirmed that the survival-action game is still headed to PlayStation 4, though players on that platform will have to wait a bit longer. A spokesperson for the developer told GameSpot that Xbox One owners will get the game first because the platform has an Early...
  12. DayZ Will Leave Early Access and Hit Consoles Next Year

    DayZ Will Leave Early Access and Hit Consoles Next Year

    Bohemia Interactive’s survival game DayZ will finally leave its Early Access period next year, the developer said in an update earlier this week, with a beta release and console versions expected to hit in 2018. The promise of a beta and console versions is something DayZ players have heard...
  13. L

    DayZ Mod

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to expand my group on DayZ mod. No joining prerequisites; we don't really care for location, clan tags or skill level, just jump on for the banter. If you have any questions then do message me. I'll drop my Skype here, just send us and add and a message if you're keen...
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