1. vitto_sk

    Unsolved  GTA 5 plugin xbox 360 jtag crashing

    Hello, I have one problem, Xbox 360(jtag) crashes when I start gta 5 with mod menu installed in plugins, why it happens every time ? I have installed all right Is here some fix for it ? Help me please ! Thanks !
  2. SonUvaGunna

    Unsolved  plugins not showing up

    Hey so im trying to switch my stealth server i got a new kv dont want to waste it on the ****** server i have rn. So i downloaded all the teapot server items moved them hdd1 but when i go to dashlaunch i cant ever find teapot.xex idk why 100% sure they are in the correct place. This has happend...
  3. OvaKill

    Discussion  Dashlaunch can load more file formats then just xex

    I did some tests cuz I was bored last night and found out that if you build a xex with a different extestion instead of the .xex format and set it as a plugin it will still load that file ex "NativeTrainer.SlipStreamLive" & it will still open the menu I tried .dll .xsc .csc .SlipStreamLive...
  4. J

    Solved  Dashlaunch/gta v menus

    I need some help, I can put in any mod menu for gta v and save everything then reboot. I go to start the game and it shuts off my Xbox. I can play the game if I have no menu in the pluggins. Thanks!
  5. turdbundy

    Discussion  RGH1 Zephr SUCCESS!!

    Hey dudes! I know that Zephrs get a ton of heat for being terrible to RGH. They totally deserve all the heat that they get! I just wanted to give some folks hope who have a zephr around on a low enough dash to attempt an RGH1. I used a knockoff coolrunner rev c on the default settings, zephr...
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