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  1. K

    Solved  xbox 360 avatar update - corona 4g rgh

    Hi! Could you please help me with a problem I encountered while I was trying to update avatars with xebuild? I've followed the forum's tutorials for my xbox 360 corona 4g rgh jtag. I've done the last update with new Kernel 17511 with xeBuild using simple 360 nand flasher, it was a success...
  2. H

    Solved  Rgh update problem

    Hi Guys! I have a problem with my fat xbox360. I have an rgh console with falcon mainboard and i wanted to update my dashboard, because it's not mounted fat32 usb drives correctly.(i did not see the drive in file explorer) i made a dash update long time ago when the metro dash released. That...
  3. ThugsWearBlue

    Solved  Updating RGH T Newest Dash Question

    I am only just about to update to the newest dash, 17511 I believe it is. I've heard there is an avatar update after installing the new dash. Just double checking to make sure that once I update the dash I am 100% safe to download the update straight from my console. Or is there something else...
  4. MikeyZombiee

    Solved  Can I Softmod Dashboard 2.0.17511.0 ???

    What can I use to temporarily Jtag/Rgh My Xbox 360 kinect Dashboard 2.0.17511.0 .... I just wanna run unsigned code. Something like XEXMenu2.0 usb Commander Bootloader <<< Or Anything of the Sort. You Get it.
  5. V

    Solved  When I re-flash my NAND I get a E79 error

    I recently got my RGH Falcon and I accidentally updated to the new dashboard. So I tried re-flashing my nand through xell and now it boots but I get an E79 error. Please help!
  6. SirColumbus

    Solved  Possible to R-JTAG on 17489 dashboard?

    Got phat Falcon Xbox 360. Updated to 17489. I have done a JTAG quite a while back, I know that it isn't possible to JTAG this console, so I've been wondering whether or not it'd be possible to R-JTAG this console? Looked around on the internet, can't really find anything that sums up my answer...
  7. N

    Solved  What Games Can You Dashboard In?

    I know you can make a game not count by dashboarding on COD 4 and WaW. Can you do it successfully on MW2, BO1 and BO2?
  8. B

    Solved  Update via USB?

    Hello, has anyone update his xbox one via USB to the newest dashboard? Is there any possibility to do that? Or we can only restore actual dasboard via USB?
  9. Immense


    Someone that knows why this is happening on 17349 dashboard cause its irritating and I can't connect to live unless I have this update please someone help me out here. And it isn't a avatar update either ill show u
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