1. ExodusCrowley

    Unsolved  How do I update the Xbox 360 RGH3 Dashboard?

    Hey Guys. How do I update the dashboard on my RGH 3 console? Version 2.0.17526.0 is currently installed.
  2. Pablo007

    Solved  Xbox 360 One Green Light Of Death

    Hello everyone I hope y'all doing good, I came here for my problem coming from my Xbox 360 rgh that I wanted to update its dashboard to the latest, so I dumped with Simple 360 Nand Flasher and I used xebuild GUI to build the hacked image of the latest dashboard, then when I updated it should...
  3. C

    Solved  Need help with Xbox Rgh stealth server

    Hello so I was curious what a stealth server was like so I bought a 7 day one installed it and everything but the console wants a system update. I tried putting the 17559 dash on a usb and update that way but it doesn’t even recognize there’s a system update on it. In xex menu the update is...
  4. A

    Unsolved  Xbox 360 Freestyle 3: Every game in the same menu/dashboard

    How can I configure my Freestyle 3 in order to show every game (360, xbox original, homebrew, Live Arcade, etc.) in the same menu/dashboard rather than separated each other? I know it's possible with Aurora, but I don't wanna sacrifice my data on my HDD. Thanks!
  5. L

    Unsolved  RGH 1.2 Xenon Only Boots Xell

    Hi ladies and gentlemen, Hopefully you might have an answer to this. Using an X360Ace v3, I am able to get the console to boot the xenon xell pretty quickly using the dynamic file, but if I go through the AutoGG and try and build a falcon file, the console will not boot the dashboard. It just...
  6. krocc69

    Unsolved  How do i get Xbox 360 game shortcuts (GOD format and XEX format) on stock metro/microsoft dashboard on (RGH console)?

    Hi I wanna know to make my the games I download on my RGH Xbox 360 (some are GOD and some are XEX) appear in the games library in the stock metro/microsoft dashboard because I want to get on Xbox live stealth and not use homebrew to access my games so i wont get banned really fast. thanks in...
  7. CycloneXCry

    Discussion  Xbox One Custom Dash Board

    So looking at the dev side of xbox we have and option to "Deploy or Install Application" cant the community code like a app that can be like the xex menu on 360, something that can run and code that we put on it or even a whole new boot dash? Or code something that can simply display the code we...
  8. Ottocoid

    Unsolved  Modify the MS dashboard (change tile colors, themes)

    Hi, again! I was wondering if I can modify the MS dashboard. Can I change the tile colors. I heard of XUID modifications but I don't know what is it and how to use them. And can I set the white theme to the dashboard without Live?
  9. SGCSam

    Unsolved  Hardware Revisions and Kernel Versions

    Hey everyone, After looking into XeBuild patches a while back and getting older dashes to run on consoles with newer hack methods like RGH, I've noticed/heard that kernel versions only work on certain hardware revisions of consoles. For example, a few weeks back, I managed to get 9199 to run...
  10. L

    Unsolved  Dasboard=14699. Should I RGH 1 or RGH 1.2?

    Hi, I just joined to this forum because I have a xbox 360 (phat) with the dashboard version of 14699, its a "Jasper" motherboard. Im here for advise because Im not sure if i should do the RGH 1.0, since I have the correct dashboard version, or update it and instaling a RGH 1.2, or if i should be...
  11. ilikefredy

    Unsolved  How are system/account bans administered?

    Two questions about getting banned: 1. If a system is RGH'd and connected to Xbox Live for >1 minute, without LiveBlock enabled - is a ban inevitable? (Does your Xbox end up on a list immediately, that results in an inevitable ban?) 2. If you go online with a stealth server but don't do...
  12. S

    Solved  Reinstalling Dashboard on hard modded xbox from laptop

    Hi there, I have rather a complex problem. I have a chipped xbox and recently tried to reinstall the dashboard with Evo X which I have on disc. it seemed to go through the installing process but after, when I turned it on, it just stays on the Xbox loading screen, it wont load any games, or any...
  13. bloppypants

    Discussion  Worst/Best Xbox 360 Dash

    which one do you hate the most is Metro worse that NXE btw blades is the best
  14. M

    Solved  Xbox Trinity RGH Dashboard

    Hey everyone, i'm just a little new to the whole rgh world and from research and utilities i'm able to do everything myself i'm just curious on the dashboard. So currently for my xbox I have dashboard 2.0.16767.0, I couldn't find a dash download for j-runner so I assumed there was none. I...
  15. Eddy Neddy

    Solved  Error Code 21 Messed Up Softmod

    So, I decided to softmod my Xbox about a few months ago and I decided to install XBMC using the Auto Installer Deluxe USB version (and Splinter Cell) and got all the way through to have it successfully work. Later on, I decided I didn't want XBMC and wanted UnleashX. I decided to uninstall the...
  16. gamer7121

    Solved  possible to Run nxe dashboard on rgh updated to 17511?

    This is a shot in the dark, but I have an RGHed falcon xbox 360 with a coolrunner that I installed, and was wondering if there was any way I could run the NXE dashboard on it. I am not talking about freestyle dashboard, but the pure nxe dashboard. I already know it is possible to downgrade...
  17. Xbox One Dashboard's "Light Mode" Out Now For Testers

    Xbox One Dashboard's "Light Mode" Out Now For Testers

    Back in August, Microsoft announced that the new Xbox One dashboard would be getting another nice new feature in a "light mode." Now, this has gone live for testers ahead of its full release for everyone later. Right now, you can toggle between Dark and Light modes via your console's system...
  18. K

    Solved  xbox 360 avatar update - corona 4g rgh

    Hi! Could you please help me with a problem I encountered while I was trying to update avatars with xebuild? I've followed the forum's tutorials for my xbox 360 corona 4g rgh jtag. I've done the last update with new Kernel 17511 with xeBuild using simple 360 nand flasher, it was a success...
  19. H

    Solved  Rgh update problem

    Hi Guys! I have a problem with my fat xbox360. I have an rgh console with falcon mainboard and i wanted to update my dashboard, because it's not mounted fat32 usb drives correctly.(i did not see the drive in file explorer) i made a dash update long time ago when the metro dash released. That...
  20. ThugsWearBlue

    Solved  Updating RGH T Newest Dash Question

    I am only just about to update to the newest dash, 17511 I believe it is. I've heard there is an avatar update after installing the new dash. Just double checking to make sure that once I update the dash I am 100% safe to download the update straight from my console. Or is there something else...
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