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  1. A

    Question  How do I get my games to show in the games tab? [RGH]

    Only a select few of games show in my games tab at dash, why is this? How do I get all my games to show on there so I can just launch them from dash instead of having to use xexmenu all the time. It's mostly arcade games that are showing up but a few are showing up from my 'Games' folder in my...
  2. MilkySharpMan

    Question  Looking for 14699 Jrunner/XeBuild Dash Files

    I am doing RGH 1.0 on my Jasper that i updated to the latest supported dash, 14699. I refuse to update to a newer dashboard, unless i can somehow stay with RGH 1.0 and NOT 1.2. I also jumped the eFuse protection point so I can't accidentally screw up by updating. I successfully created the Xell...
  3. SGCSam

    Question  Hardware Revisions and Kernel Versions

    Hey everyone, After looking into XeBuild patches a while back and getting older dashes to run on consoles with newer hack methods like RGH, I've noticed/heard that kernel versions only work on certain hardware revisions of consoles. For example, a few weeks back, I managed to get 9199 to run...
  4. rynax

    Solved  Aurora press Y button exit to dash doesn't work? (with ******** plugin)

    Anyway I downloaded the fresh copy of Aurora, along with ******** plugin in dashlaunch, when I'm in Aurora, press Xbox button , then Y button to exit to dash does not work, why it doesn't work? Is there anything I need to set in Aurora/dashlaunch? Also press xbox button, then press A on 'xbox...
  5. Mobfather Repair

    Solved  Freestyle Dash Issues

    My issues can be one of two things. Either I got bad link to fsd. Or fsd doesn't like dashlaunch 3.19. I get a black screen upon launching fsd. I'm on 17526, dashlaunch 3.19. All proper links I can find are dead.
  6. BenJGrimm

    Solved  Retail 4GB Corona wont update dash - Error

    So it is a 4GB Corona and just recently picked up Element18592's SD card tool as the TX one did not work, has been sitting for a year or 2 and finally have some time to get this thing back together, I continue to receive this error message via network & USB. My thought is to RGH on its...
  7. peanutismint

    Solved  Updated console to Aurora OS but a few games won't load/quit back to Aurora dash (GTA V, RDR...)

    I recently updated my JTAG Xbox 360 to the Aurora dash which seems great, but a lot of the games I ripped from my own discs won't load from the HDD. Most of them (Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption etc....) get as far as the Rockstar intro screens/disclaimers but then quit back to the...
  8. ThugsWearBlue

    Solved  Updating RGH T Newest Dash Question

    I am only just about to update to the newest dash, 17511 I believe it is. I've heard there is an avatar update after installing the new dash. Just double checking to make sure that once I update the dash I am 100% safe to download the update straight from my console. Or is there something else...
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