dark matter

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    Boosting HC Domination - Dark Matter

    Online now? Bored? Wanna boost? I’m looking for players that are online now and are willing to help me get some headshots done. I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m not looking to finish everything all at once today. Just looking to make some progress with headshots and attempting to reach...
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    Discussion Blackout & Zombies

    It's has taken me 9 days to get to level get to level 81 in Blackout. I have 117 wins. I've been playing Blackout before Blackout the xp overhaul. Anyways. I play solo (but in quads) and have a positive K/D in Blackout. When I was level 23 someone added me when he was level 49. I'm now...
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    Bo4 boosting | headshots | camos

    bo4 boosting lobby, 50 kill rotations, know what to do, need 8 message OPS Crxze or OPS Drifter for an invite
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    FFA Nuked Out and other challenges HELP NEEDED black ops 4

    Hello im looking for a team on PS4 for black ops 4 and im trying to go for the killer medal challenges reward brutal killer nuked out medal and also trying to get headshots on my guns for dark matter my PSN is deaglegotu add me then message me about this looking for 11 more players please to...
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    Bo4 harcdore Dom boosting 50 kill rotation

    Hardcore Dom 50 kill rotations Message OPS Crxze or OPS Drifter for an invite Need 5
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    Hello i will be starting a boosting lobby on bo4 if you would like to join leave your gt in the comments or message me b1ll pump it will be a 60 kill roatation i will be hosting one side I'm from Texas so if you host the other side you have to be in Texas or near. If you are torque you will...
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    50 Kill Rotation

    Welcome to FMJ's Thread! Read the rules carefully, and double check your in-game settings to make sure they are correct! (This player number is constantly updated) We need between 6-8 Players to start the lobby! THE DO’S! -Comment GT Below for Inv. -UAVS/CUAVS Only! -Make sure you’re classes...
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    Need 3 more people to boost with

    Need 3 more people to boost with on ps4 Psn:iNeeZey send me a message to join
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    Could someone invite me to a boosting lobby ps4 only Psn: iNeeZey
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    BO4 Boosting Lobby [OPEN]

    Add Blue-Cali Or Drop GT For Invite Need Mic First Come First Serve
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    50 Kill Rotation HC Dom

  12. W

    Bo4 50 kill rotations

    50 kill rotations Cuav /uav 4man teams Add and message W0RST 3V3R the o is a zero First come first serve hurry as when you join determines spot
  13. T

    Need full party || bo4 boosting || HC dom

    Put psn name down below and i will invite you to party.
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    Boosting 50 kills all night need host 2 controllers est coast

    40-50 kill rounds All night long Need 1 host east coast preferably 2 controllers And need 8 others looking for people who are gonna be on for awhile. message W0RST 3V3R if on we spaces are still open. The o is a zero
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    Put psn name down below and i will invite you to party.
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    Looking for a est coast host 2 controllers

    Looking for a east coast host 2 controllers and 2 accounts to boost with nightly. 50 kill rotations uav/cuav. Also hit me up if your looking to just boost.
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    Video INSTANT! Dark Matter glitch works again!! (After patch)

    I did the old method messing around with the Q AND E spam and left clicking Dark Matter and it works again thought id share if repost delete. added video to prove it works. Console players please post if it works on your system if you remember the method but with a controller please ty...
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    Call of Duty Black ops 4 Boosting (KILLS)

    GT: GS Checkk Black ops 4 boosting lobby (kills) not rounds (Very Quick)!. Post GT or add me for invite
  19. C

    Black ops 4 boosting ALL DAY

    Add : Clrsx 50 headshots then rotate Be quick or be kicked ONLY UAV/CUAV X2 Xp let’s go get it
  20. E

    < Rounds Boosting > 24/7

    - Know what to do.! - Have fun.! - Please no annoying mics.! - Only Kill on your turn or when asked to kill person that’s killing -COMMENT GT’S BELOW OR MESSAGE ME ——MY GT:// Entity Complexx WILL BE ONLINE FOR THE NEXT 6-8 HOURS NEED LONG TERM PLAYERS HAVE 4 NOW Need 3 bump
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