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  1. Primecraft

    Question  Custom xNotify not working

    Hi... A long time ago I had managed to make an Xnotify to my liking, it ended up getting lost along with the code I had found, I decided to download it again (I used Chemo's and also that of another user). I edited and compiled the code, but xNotifiy does not work, I tried changes and did not...
  2. Ready or Not | Kimber M45, Gold Glock 19, ACR, Honey Badger and more! | DevClub

    Ready or Not | Kimber M45, Gold Glock 19, ACR, Honey Badger and more! | DevClub

    Plenty of mods for critically acclaimed early access title, Ready or Not. in this video i showcase some of my personal favorites that don't have any conflicts. Lots of custom guns, attachments and some clips from custom maps as well! Enjoy, and PM me for questions/how to do this.
  3. burn - deep purple | five star high score run | DRIP STAR LIVE

    burn - deep purple | five star high score run | DRIP STAR LIVE

    Guitar Hero World Tour setlist Burn - Deep Purple 5 stars | Expert Lead Guitar | Live Recording Any songs you wanna see uploaded? comment or PM me and I'll see if there's a chart for it (there probably is)
  4. Ruby

    Tutorial  How To Create Custom Slim Xbox 360 Boot & Eject Sounds

    Have you ever heard a Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 turn on? Well here's an example: You can also create custom boot sounds for example: The xbox requires that the final bin file be either 44kb or less this limits what you can do drastically. From my experience 4 seconds seems to be about the...
  5. FacelessOne123


    To get zombie custom games you need a PS5 go to Multiplayer then press home button and go to a zombie playlist press square you should be in a zombie lobby seaching back out then press custom games and you have zombie custom games you can save gamemodes with you could edit setting
  6. Alan7785

    Solved  How can I use custom vehicles in Adversary Modes

    Title. I want to use a unique vehicle for Adversary Modes such as Hunting Pack or Sumo
  7. Risking Perfect

    Discussion  I made a custom PS4 wrap for my friend, what do you think?

    I work in a print shop and wanted to make something nice for my best friend and roommate. He is buying a PS4 Pro so that he can play with our friend's group more often so I made him a custom wrap for his console. What do you all think?
  8. Eblade67

    Discussion  Where is my Penthouse Artwork?

    Has anybody bought artwork and objects for their casino penthouse? I bought quite a few but none of them have appeared in my penthouse lol.
  9. FacelessOne123


    Tutorial For this glitch you need to have one friend Your friend is going to start a match in the Alcatraz then he can leave the match You going to join the friend that just played on that map Then you going to press on the custom game button one time Tell your friend to leave the lobby alone...
  10. Pximal

    Solved  [Question] Is there any possible way to do locked lobbies or custom match xp games?

    Just wondering if there is anyway to get a locked lobby other than Team Tac or Cage Match, or even a custom xp private match? Not played the game on PS4 since it came out and have no knowledge of the Remastered version.
  11. 19XX

    Xbox One  [WWE2K19] My custom Championships

    WWE2K19 Championships Updated: 5/21/19
  12. TheEdi

    Customizable skins preview glitch

    This glitch is just for fun. It let's you combine certain skins. Seems to only work with skins that have selectable styles (Omega, Lynx, Ragnarok etc.) How to: 1. Start up Fortnite. 2. Select Battle Royale in game mode selection. 3. Go to your Locker and select a skin you want to use in the...
  13. Persistence

    PC  EcKoCraft Enhanced 1.13.1 Survival [Custom Items, Established Community, MCPH Sponsored]

    EcKoCraft we are a small community built by a Youtuber EcKoxSoldier who does family friendly Minecraft content. The server is a enhanced survival server it is usually a relaxed environment come meet new friends have fun play in confidence knowing all players have grief protection free of...
  14. Captain Pocky

    Discovery  Nightclub Special Vehicle Merge

    So I was messing around with my nightclub special vehicles and found a way to merge them with any vehicles on accident. (I realized what had happened after I saw a Mule Custom in my hanger in the place of my missing Lazer.) The steps are: 1.) Move the Speedo/Mule/Pounder into a nightclub garage...
  15. D

    Solved  Custom Zombie Maps in Black Ops 1 Xbox 360?

    Hi! I am just a person who plays custom zombie maps on WaW on PC but recently me and my friend have been playing zombies on Xbox 360 BO1. He doesn't have any DLC and playing Kino only is kinda boring, is there a way I can bring Custom zombie maps onto 360?
  16. W

    Question  Lost Custom Plates after Charles Proxy

    Can anyone shed some light as to why my custom plates vanished after trying to modify the mariachi tornado in Charles. I know the first thing that comes to mind is dupe detect, however i have never been dupe detected and even after losing custom plates i am still able to sell a retro every 31...
  17. C

    Video  GTA Online - Custom Crew Colors Part II (Way More Than Most)

    Thought I'd share this as a change compared to most video's that only show a handful of colors. I get tired of wasting anywhere from five to fifteen minutes of my time just for someone to drive around in circles showing off literally three to five colors at a time... Especially annoying neon...
  18. Adudz88

    Solved  Lost iFruit privileges???

    Hey guys/gals... I'm sure most of us that continuously reach our daily sell limit have lost our iFruit privileges (custom plates, etc) by now. I have an idea so if anyone is willing to try out or if anyone else has done this please let me know your results. The idea is to delete every custom...
  19. llcubell

    Solved  Problem with Ifruit, Anyone else get this?

    Last few cars I've bought I haven't even had the option of a custom plate. After seeing this I would go to Ifruit and order one, I get the message in-game to "Drop by LS Customs to process my order." or whatever it says. Now here's the problem... I drive into LS and nothing happens. No option to...
  20. xexcaleb

    Solved  Notifications Dont Show Up

    i had a notify made and when i put it on my xbox no notifications show up at all. they dont know how to fix it either. i have the source file and xex of the file. if anyone can help thatd be awsome!
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