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custom plate help

  1. B

    Solved  Online character and vehicles not showing on IFruit app.

    Can anyone advise on what can I do? I’ve been wanting to get a custom plate for my cars. After some research I went on to the IFruit app and was able to do custom plate for Franklin’s car (story mode). My online character and cars are not even showing on the LS Customs. I googled some more and I...
  2. I

    Solved  I lost my custom plates

    I lost my custom plates on gta, all the cars that i have still have the custom plates on them. That includes all my dupes What does this mean and what should i do to fix it?
  3. Workdex

    Solved  Custom Plates?

    *FIRST OFF I DON'T KNOW IF THIS IS THE RIGHT SECTION* okay so i did the sp to mp car dupe the other day and ended up getting around 15 cars from it they all had the same license plate on it. last night i got the sell limit so i waited my full 30 hr's and sold 1 of those duped elegys (still had...
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