1. S

    CTF boost

    Add for CTF boost -VIPforMaxx
  2. V

    CTF Boosting

    need 3 more psn - violenthurricane
  3. M


  4. T

    Ww2 boosting

    Hosting ww2 boosting lobby CTF (ROUNDS) msg T57 x for invite .
  5. T

    Ww2 boosting CTF

    Hosting ww2 boosting lobby CTF (ROUNDS) msg T57 x for invite .
  6. V

    CTF Boosting

    doing rounds. PSN is violenthurricane
  7. D

    Boosting for the new SMG READ PLEASE

    We are boosting for the sten new smg. we are going to cap the flags and try and win the game super fast. if your up to get the new gun tonight, add me : zZepherz
  8. M

    Ww2 ctf boosting rounds

    send message to MEROMES for instant invite
  9. A

    CTF Boost Lobby. Rounds. All Day.

    CTF Rounds. Xbox. Msg: ArrivedSolid51 Requirements: Mic and 2 controllers. be patient and be respectful.
  10. Agentdecoy

    PS4 boosting lobby with DOUBLE XP

    Hey. On Monday the 3rd, I will be launching a cod boosting lobby. You must have 2 controllers and preferably a mic. Now here’s the kicker. It will take about 20 min but I can get each one of you a double xp for one hour while doing the boosting. If your interested in getting boosted with double...
  11. Jubbae

    CTF WW2 BOOSTING (all night)

    must have 2 controllers must be willing to cooperate must have microphone message the [gt: Sharpor] for gamertag to join
  12. S

    CTF Boosting - Need One More!

    Need one more! Leave PSN below or add me SilentlyRelaxing
  13. SensationalYT

    CTF Boosting - [Rounds]

    Doing CTF boosting lobbies on USS Texas. - Join the discord for more frequent status updates. This is also easier for me to see who wants to be invited. https://discord.gg/VrQzwDn - Each game is done by rounds, meaning you will go at least once per game. The established rotation, which is...
  14. Fadexz

    Looking to join | Reply with GT plz

    Looking to join a group Reply with your gamertag below and i'll message for invite.
  15. C

    CTF got 2 pads and mic! Ps4

    Psn The-Creed97 got 2 pads and mic
  16. S

    WW2 Boosting CTF

    Need people to boost on ps4 with 2 controllers put gamer tags below ill add right away. Don’t leave in the middle of a game and make sure you ahve good internet. Have a Mic Don’t be Annoying Don’t move while being a dier Help people Rotate every round
  17. Rommel200

    Ww2 booting

    For invite add Rommel345 Must have: -mic -2 controllers
  18. I

    CTF Boosting

    Looking for one more for CTF Boosting, must know what you're doing.
  19. R


    Message: NoName Pancakes : on xbox for an invite Me and one other will do one game, then the next two will do a game, then the last two will do a game. You can dashboard at the end to save your kd as well.
  20. N

    WW2 Boosting Rounds CTF

    Msg GT: Notxce On Xbox Rules: 2 Controllers Mic
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