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  1. M

    PC  [PC] MONARCH Defense AG | Now Recruiting and Looking for New Members | Leadership and Moderation roles available for Discord

    Hello guys, Monarch Defense Alliance Group are looking to recruit members. We have a very different, and advanced structure, which you can see from the image at the bottom of this post. What we specialise in We specialise in everything from air, ground, and sea combat to helping you secure...
  2. Vice City

    Solved  GTA Emblems Gone? & Modded Crew Color Issues

    I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but I've not seen this posted anywhere at all so I'm guessing not. Basically I used to use a paid service called GTAemblems to import PNG & JPG files which can then be uploaded and used on the social club as a crew emblem. This was a brilliant service and was...
  3. L

    Xbox One  28th order of steel recruiting

    The 28th order of steel military role-play/ milsim crew is currently recruiting. We are looking for pilots and infantryman all kit vehicles equipment will be paid for by us. If you wish to join or you wish to find out more please message my Xbox gamer tag Lelouch Zero BK
  4. TrashBoy666

    PS4  Nil

  5. S

    Xbox One  Crew Battles?

    Hi everyone, It’s been a few years since I’ve seen anyone doing crew battles but I was wondering if that is still a thing? My crew is beefing up now and we’re looking to challenge other crews in TD’s, races and other gta jobs. Just looking for direction on how to get involved in a tournament or...
  6. D

    PS4  merryweather-MWSF

    Hi I’m the crew leader of MERRYWEATHER-mwsf 200+ members we are a military crew and well organized crew we are mainly focused on PS4 so if you wanna join us then msg me on psn or social club Crew https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/merryweather-mwsf We also have a group chat on PS4 and...
  7. D


    ABOUT US: ————————————————————— TO JOIN: Application Guide: PSN ID: Social Club ID: Age: (Optional) In-Game Rank: K/D Ratio: ————————————————————— Hi I’m the crew leader of MERRYWEATHER-mwsf 200+ members we are a military crew and well organized crew we are mainly focused on PS4 so if you...
  8. B

    PS4  Australia/PS4/GTAV | Recruiting SOLO Players! | The Clubberlang Gang [TCLG]

    Hey all - PS4/Level 160 Solo Player/Active/Gamertag: BigBabyBubba_07 95% of the time I'm Solo on GTAO, figured I'd make an open Clan for people like myself: Money-Making (CEO/MC/etc), Car Enthusiast, Grinding to get the best out of the Game, as well as just ****ing about. - Crew Colour: Crew...
  9. Supreme Dripz

    Marine Corps USA RP Crew

    Marine Corps USA Marine Corps USA Is A Military Based RP/(ROLEPLAY) Community For True/Real Roleplayers. Rank System All Ranks In Order 1.Privite 2.Corporal 3.Drill Sargent 4.Gunnery Sargent...
  10. ao3loomis

    All  The Lethal Angels

    The Lethal Angels is the epitome of everything a crew stands for! The leading example of the phrase " leave no man behind ". This friendly crew, speacializing in hardcore mission and heist action and common core free roaming is something that everyone wants and needs! Not to be taken for...
  11. YouShotTheDefGuy

    Crew Invite PS4

    CREW: Pain Police PSN: YouShotTheDefGuy *Modded Crew Colors *Custom Crew Emblems *Heists/Missions *Team Events *Car Shows *Group Missions *Glitches/Duplicating *Financial Assistance *Creator Mode Assistance/Requests As the founder of Pain Police I always support our crew members by offering...
  12. Arcadius13825

    Xbox 360  looking for active crew members

    if you want a crew member for gta mesage clayman101
  13. A


  14. F

    The Bloodhound Lunatics - BHLS

    We're looking for new recruits and leadership - Check Us Out. We have crew members across major platforms (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PS4) and promotions are rewarded to those who show loyalty. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/bloodhound_lunatics Only 1 Rule: No Crew on Crew Killing...
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