1. J

    Solved  Problems With Modded Crew Colours

    Hello. I want to try out these three crew colours: 24, 24, 24; #181818 8, 8, 8; #080808 16, 16, 16; #101010 But every time I try to change my crew colour to them, I get the error message: "Sorry, your chosen colour is not supported". Does anybody have a workaround for this? I know one...
  2. aaronBLUEeyes

    Solved  Layered Crew Paint Jobs

    I'm aware since patch 1.17 we haven't been able to layer crew paints over matte or metals. However, I do have an Adder with a paint job like that from when we could do them on console. I'm wondering if I can update the crew/pearl over the existing Brushed Black Steel for it already exists...
  3. E

    Brothers Of Mayhem MC Recruiting Now For Xbox 360

    Brothers Of Mayhem MC World Is Looking For New Members To Join Our Family If Interested Read our Web Site And Understand The Rules If Interested Click Join Us Or Applications Can...
  4. Freshhx

    Code  ★Official Hex Color Library★

    (Will update colors/previews soon as I can, daily.) ⚞⟁⚟ ShortURL: ₫Fʀᴇsʜʜ'ˢ ✭◭∾H͙e͙x͙ C͙o͙d͙e͙s͙∾◭✭ ◬✍ Hello, I am creating this post for people who'd like to save all the searching for a Hex color to either paint individual cars with, or to simply set your crew to a...
  5. F

    The Bloodhound Lunatics - BHLS

    We're looking for new recruits and leadership - Check Us Out. We have crew members across major platforms (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PS4) and promotions are rewarded to those who show loyalty. Only 1 Rule: No Crew on Crew Killing...
  6. jnjaws

    West Ham Elite Roleplaying Crew.

    West Ham Elite Hey, How ya ''doin''? My name is Patrick Sutton and I am the Governor of WHE, West Ham Elite. West Ham Elite is a Hooligan firm of West Ham United. WHE is the shortened name of West Ham Elite. WHE Has caused a few riots down in the streets of Los Santos and most of them are...
  7. Montana Smith

    Xbox 360  Looking for GTA friends!

    Not sure if anyone goes to this thread area anymore but I am looking for a small crew of people to chill with, must be active!
  8. U

    Solved  Need some answers for newbie questions *

    So I've been playing gta online for 8 months now. And found the game confusing at first but would like to help new players with some basic advise. The following questions that might sound ridiculous to you, but here it goes: 1.In any car race everyone has the same pool of cars? 2.So if I have...
  9. Alexleeeeeem

    Xbox One  GTA 5 Heist crew

    Hi I'm Alex. I'm looking for a crew or I can start a crew with some guys or girls who want to make a lot of money in GTA 5. The best way but the most challenging is to do the mastermind heist challenge. I'm looking for serious people who won't just leave half way through or get killed...
  10. T

    Xbox One  Dirty Rich Gang New Clan! Join here! Xbox One!

    Dirty Rich Gang is a small "civilian" special operations group that specializes in taking over money. Operatives engage missions, high and low profile heists, as well as other paid activity in a professional, tactical, and timely manner. Operatives also engage in activities such as active bounty...
  11. swtororakel

    PS3  Show Me The Crits <SMTC> Is recruiting! (New crew)

    Show Me The Crits <SMTC> Is recruiting! (New crew) General Info Status: Message me on Social Club for a invite Supported Platforms: PC / PS3 / PS4 What are we looking for: Active players who can have fun but also be serious when the situation demands it. (ex: doing missions / heists vs...
  12. Digital HD

    Official Se7enSins Crew - Modded Crew Color

    Crew color has been changed to Pure Black body paint and Patriot tire smoke. To use the tire smoke, select Crew Tire Smoke. I am currently looking for Representatives and Lieutenants. If you are a veteran Se7enSins member and trusted, please message me to apply to become a Representative or...
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