1. kapteindude


    Hey guys i just created a crew in GTA Online! :D we can have fun, killing, chilling, doing some CEO or MC stuff and helping each other ;) i need loyal people to make us crew better! and we can do some glitches who need helps too :) this is the crew LINK...
  2. Tazzeres

    Xbox 360 Xbox One  New crew looking for active players for active roles

    Serious crew looking for active players to join As the crew is so new there is high ranking positions available for the most active members I have been playing since the start and can't imagine I'm going to stop anytime soon so even tho the crew is new it will out last many crews out there...
  3. Tank Girl

    The Killa Bunnies Crew-Recruitment

    RECRUITMENT FOR THE KILLA BUNNIES "GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE GUNS" ABOUT THE CREW My crew is open to both male and female gamers who have a female character. The point of this crew is to have fun, help each other earn money(heist, missions, gunrunning, mc, ceo) and to have one another's...
  4. Rephix

    Xbox One  Airsoft USA

    WE WANT YOU!! Airsoft USA (Join Today) Airsoft USA is a new crew and we are looking for people who enjoy the sport. We don't mind if you avidly play or you're brand new to it! We are a crew to help and support every player on and off the field. Come share your experiences with the rest of...
  5. bert_cornfield

    Looking For Crew

    Hello everyone I'm looking for a group to play games with and make YouTube videos with. I want something like the Vanoss crew. All I'm asking is that you have Skype or discord as well as a Xbox one and a laptop. We can do videos of GTA V and games like that as well as cards against humanity. if...
  6. L

    Video  My Best Rose Gold Paint Job Attempt "chrome/crew glitch"

    Heres a older video of me showing my best attempt at making a rose gold paint job in Gta 5.
  7. Dirty Glitchez

    All  Join crew for glitched black crew color, custom hot chick emblem and more!

    I have made my crew open for everyone to join! No requirements join or leave whenever you please :)
  8. R

    Xbox One  MORTAL KOMBAT krew roleplay, pub stomp + more

    MORTAL KOMBAT krew starting ((need co-founders)) Fun roleplay situations (campaign?) + OTR-gang-jumping randoms as MK karacters! Select your fighter! -Rock the krew MK dragon emblem. -Fun, friendly founder who enjoys making various cool custom maps. -Fresh krew so join now to rank up! -We can...
  9. Ericcheng2005


    My crew is recruiting like-minded and active players who play GTA Online. Its name is New Dawn Security. We are a new crew. Please check it out on Social Club (We are the only crew with that name), and if you like it, please join! :) If you are being griefed, we will switch lobbies to help you.
  10. Aerozke

    PS4  crew please ;)

    at the point where I've pretty much got everything but I don't play the game enough how it should be. I'm level 129 UK timing. Active etc etc. 27 years old with mic as I said I have all the gear and I'm decent with a firearm id be interested in heists , car shows, money making and duping...
  11. 2020Vishun


    TACG is a active crew with active crew chat...Mature, friendly, serious GTA players who specialize in CEO and MC business, Spawning rare vehicles, completing daily objectives . Heists... Mastermind challenge ... We do organised races, deathmatches. We all help eachother get stuff done and have...
  12. Y

    The Adult Crazy Gang Is Recruiting!

    I was not sure where to put this, but feel free to reassign this post to the right forum. TACG is a active crew with active crew chat...Mature friendly GTA players who specialize in CEO and MC business... Spawning rare cars. Heists... Mastermind challenge ... We do crew racing.... Lobby...
  13. T

    PS4  Crew recuritment

    BMOB CREW RECRUITMENT we are a freemode crew and we are looking for experienced freemode players or players who are good at combat who want to try to join us and make your freemode and gta5 combat skills better. Currently we only have 30 members but our community has over 200 members who are in...
  14. YouShotTheDefGuy

    Crew Invite PS4

    CREW: Pain Police PSN: YouShotTheDefGuy *Modded Crew Colors *Custom Crew Emblems *Heists/Missions *Team Events *Car Shows *Group Missions *Glitches/Duplicating *Financial Assistance *Creator Mode Assistance/Requests As the founder of Pain Police I always support our crew members by offering...
  15. CoIors

    PS4  Looking for Crew

    Hi guys, I'm looking to join a crew. I am level 290 with a MC and am a CEO. Msg me on psn: xColors954 thanks!
  16. soadfan

    Discussion  Unique HEX Paint Jobs for 3D colored cars

    I am starting this thread to gather some information and help people find a decent color for 3d cars. I have seen a bunch of similar threads, but unfortunately they all are dead by now. I want you to start sharing unique / nice looking hex colors with a picture of how does it look on a car...
  17. ZeniaXX

    Solved  Crew color + pearlescent help

    Hello! I've been looking all over this forum (I think) to find anything on this. I'm looking for a way to get pearlescent over my crew color, since it doesn't work hovering over metallic and going to plates anymore. I really hope there is a glitch or something for this! EDIT: I'm on ps3 btw
  18. G

    Black Ops 3 (F1R3 Clancy Recruitment)

    Hello, F1R3 is a new and upcoming PS4 clan. We are aimed to be a very competitive and serious BO3 clan looking for members that want to hold tournaments, competitions, and all sorts of other things. Our rules are as followed: 1. Must be 17 on older 2. Must have a mic 3. Must have a season pass...
  19. I

    PS4  GTA 5 Online Crew Recruitment (Wild Ones Club)

    Hello! I am the leader and owner of the Wild Ones Car Club. This is a new club and are looking for people that have sweet rides like lowriders, supercars, Bennys Customs Cars, Etc. I will find dates and times for car meets. We can also just hang out and have fun! I, the leader of the Wild Ones...
  20. B

    join this crew yo

    crew Super Strokers LLC PSN bblaylock9b we're on almost every night. dont worry about ranking, money, hierarchy (unless youre in to that sort of thing) right now its about 5 of us, we get on, kill some people, usually fly some planes in to buildings and then stunt race for a few hours...
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