1. thatitguy

    Looking to start up a modding crew!

    Hey everyone! I'm new around here and i used to be really big into modding on Cod4 and MW2 and so on. I have a Slim RGH that is just collecting dust and wanna fire it back up! Is anyone interested in sorta joining me along this and learning some cool things along the way? Thanks! Hope to hear...
  2. Unsxcluded

    PS3  New GTA5 PS3 Crew for everyone

    new crew, anyone can join Crew name: Methil Assylum My PSN: Unsxcluded
  3. Unsxcluded


    I’ve just created a brand new crew on ps3 all players welcome to join. Crew Name: Methil Assylum My PSN: Unsxcluded
  4. R

    PS4  187X CREW MOTORCYCLE CLUB now taking prospects☝☝

    Looking for males and females!! Requirements: MUST be Loyal, Active, Respectful and be able to communicate through the PS Messages APP. We participate in, crew vs crew battles, clash of the crews tournaments, MC VS MC battles, club events such as rides, roleplay, playlists, competitions etc)...
  5. Xyz12


    Hello everyone here on 7’s I’m the crew leader of MWSF and We are actively looking for active and good members who help the crew and make us reach better positions. We welcome PS4 members to join us We also conduct not only friendly crew vs crew but also crew events Like freemode lobbies fun...
  6. A

    Xbox One  Crew is recruiting members

    Hello if you are looking for a crew to join, look no further. Korporal Punishment is now recruiting members. We do what needs to be done to make members happy. Always making money one way or another. We are not afraid to take down other crews. Korporal Punishment always sticks together.
  7. NotoriousDAZ83

    Crew Recruiting

    My crew, x The-Next-Level x, are looking for more experienced and loyal players to join our ranks. We have a good foundation of daily players but looking to add to make gameplay much better.... If you’re over 18, have a mic, like to make money and wreck an occasional lobby, hit me up. We look...
  8. B

    PS4  Solo Player looking for Crew! | Lvl 190

    BigBabyBubba_7 | Age: 20 | Australia - Solo Player & not Toxic. - Enjoy Money-Making ($125 Million Made) & Vehicle Collecting - KDR: 1.30 & Level 190. - Looking for an Active and Professional Crew to Represent as I'm burnt out grinding the Game solo...
  9. D

    Xbox One  Recruiting laid back stoners for Rockstar's Crew Cut featured Crew. Chronic Vengeance Looking for some laid back stoners who would like to join Chronic Vengeance featured on Rockstar's Crew Cut seen here. No drama no...
  10. A

    Xbox One  SILENT WIDOWS MC IS NOW RECRUITING MEMBERS TO JOIN NEW MOTORCYCLE CLUB LOOKING FOR MEMBERS TO JOIN AND HELP TAKE OVER SANDY SHORES AND SURROUNDING AREAS. General Rules If anyone breaks general rules, The President will deal with them and/or voted by the members SILENT WIDOWS MC, will...
  11. A

    Xbox One  The Global Black Ops is recruiting members If you are looking for a crew that will have your back no matter what the odds are in battle. The Global Black Ops are here for you. If you want to just chill and have fun, The Global Black Ops is the one for you. If you want to make...
  12. A

    The Global Black Ops is recruiting members

    If you want to join a crew that will have your back no matter what the odds are then come join TGBO. YOU WILL NEVER BE LEFT TO FIGHT A BIG BATTLE. this crew is about Family. Crew is Xbox one only. Message me @ ThePunisher2027 and ask to join THE GLOBAL BLACK OPS...
  13. Slice

    PS4  HypeGLOBE

    Join our crew today. We are looking for people to join our crew. Not many rules just 2. ALWAYS wear the pogo the monkey mask. Be nice to fellow crew members. Search "HypeGLOBE" On social Club or PM me. Thankyou
  14. M

    Xbox One  Crew For Live Streaming

    Let's Play Some GTA 5: Online So I live stream on and pretty often play GTA 5: Online Looking for anybody who wants to: 1. Make lots of money 2. Have a bunch of random fun I will be trying to host games as often as I can to get everyone I can in to have some shenanigans on...
  15. G

    Xbox One  Looking for new crew members

    Looking for new crew memebrs, will train new players. Guaranteed to get rich with us and free modded account with 700 billion rank 900 to the best prospect who shows loyalty. We are a new up and coming crew we do rng/hang/freemode but mostly freemode we alies with the RSK CREW message me on xbox...
  16. E

    Xbox One  Experienced player looking for an active crew (FREE AIM ONLY!)

    Gamertag/Social Club: Exeploder Platform: Xbox One Location: New Zealand Timezone: UTC+12:00 Looking for a free aim crew to join, preferably with a decent amount of active members. Considering anything. Message me on xbox.
  17. N

    Xbox One  Friendly Members/Friends wanted!

    I just started a CREW and I'm looking for any players that plays GTA 5 Online. This is a free for all crew as long as you don't Troll around. I'm looking for mature players that like to do Heists, missions, CEO Jobs and just have fun :smile:. If you are interested my Gamer tag is nunogothic in...
  18. The1hairstylist

    Solved  Need help uploading a new crew emblem

    Apparently the social club felt that our crew emblem mildly violated the code of conduct and removed it. I previously used GtaEmblem creator but it seems they are no longer assisting their paying clients nor replying to correspondence. Can anyone recommend a service or assist in uploading a...
  19. Joshuaw22

    Xbox One  Looking for Crew Members for GTA V

    I have been playing GTA V for awhile now in xbox360 but I havent recently switched over to Xbox One and now need new members for my crew. Requirements: 16+ years old (maturity purposes) Mic is optional but prefered for easier coordination during heists missions. Must enjoy getting money and rp...
  20. I

    Patched  2 Crew Emblems

    Not sure if this has been found by anyone else if it has please let me know. 1: Wear Crew Tshirt or any shirt that allows emblems and place emblem on the front 2: Wear any open jacket that allows emblems and place emblem on the back 3: save outfit.
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