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  1. DirtySvicide

    Question  Need help with custom crew colors

    So i learned how to make custom emblems and crew colors a while back and was almost successful in making an emblem but kept running into issues and eventually gave up, also i dont own a computer so the next best thing to do was to try it on my phone and i still had no luck. But i found out that...
  2. Makunt_Izichi

    Solved  Charlies proxy

    Not exactly sure where to post this, moderator move to the correct thread if it's the wrong place I can't find any threads on Charles proxi tutorials, and I've been trying to learn how to break crews with it. I saw a guy with a two letter crew tag and wondered if it was actually possible/still...
  3. tails_prower_2040

    Solved  Custom Crew Emblems

    Good Afternoon I am not sure if there is a help and support page anymore for GTA V since Se7ensins has changed a lot in look since I last visited here! My question is if there are currently any active glitches or source methods to be able to apply a Custom Crew Emblem in GTA Online as have...
  4. G

    Solved  is there a community or crew know about sp to mp?

    IF there has such a community and crew, can any method to join them? such as pay money, donation, etc.
  5. SharphunterTgf

    Xbox One  GTA 5 Crew Recruitment

    - Discord: Stay connected with the crew. ------------------------------------------------------------------ - Xbox Club: Share content with the crew. ------------------------------------------------------------------ - Money Glitch: We Help the poor get rich...
  6. VvbadsportvV

    Xbox One  xbox one gta5 crew

    i am the owner of a money making and try hard crew looking for new people.. add drift252 or fancyjoey318042 for more info (TRY OUT NOW !!!!!!!!)\
  7. Gs_So_sleezy

    PS4  YBFG Crew Looking For Recuits

    FreeMode Crew Glitch Friendly Like To Turn Lobbies Up Not Really Big On Business and Selling Products 18+ Years Old To Join We do RNG here and There But “NOT RNG CREW” We Love FreeMode Psn:GS_So_Sleezy
  8. POoDickTracy

    Working  Nightmare Deathbike that changes color (from white to Crew)

    All credit goes to the founder of the Arena Matte Crew glitch sup4m0dz777 https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/crew-matte-texture-pearl-on-arena-war-vehicles.1752523/ Using the Arena Vehicle Matte crew glitch gives the Nightmare Deathbike a strange bug. 1. Buy the Gargoyle to the Arena...
  9. NickGTR46

    Division 2 Crew Wanted

    Looking for a bunch to tear up Div2. I am crewless currently. Uk based. Add me: NickGTR46
  10. Gandalf61

    Video  How to clean dirty dupes

    Hey guys. If u created a bunch if dirty dupes from recent glitches, here is a method to clean them Here is a video but i dont understand the language. It looks like he buys a free elegy over the car that is a dirty original and then drives the original out before it gets replaced Any one able...
  11. silxir


    i play gta.. am a tryhard by ❤️, owner/leader of "iSpamRockets" MUST have 2.20+ kd pm if interested in my crew dm on instagram @extrence.... (im usually in badsport)
  12. Scott84531

    PS4  Looking for crew ** PS4 **

    I’m level 662 K.D 3.40 - looking to join a crew that mainly does free mode , and missions such as stand your ground, mainly looking for a big crew that work together. Good with savage , jet Hit me up on PS4 : Scott84531
  13. B

    PS4  The ClubberLang Club [TCLC] | CEO/MC Grinding, Mission/Heist Assistance and Misc Requests.

    RECRUITMENT | The ClubberLang Club (TCLC) • CEO/MC Grinding, Mission/Heist Assistance and Miscellaneous Requests. • I’ve recently created The ClubberLang Club in hopes of forming a solid community that consists of CEO/MC/Mission/Heist Assistance along with any Miscellaneous Requests...
  14. C

    Xbox One  Looking for people to Join my Crew

    My Crew was created December 31st of last year so it is fairly new and needs people, lots of people. But there are requirements to join. Requirements: 16+ age Willingness to help other crew members even the leader Level 45+ A 1.00 k/d or higher (Mine is 2.39 for the Xbox 360, but had to create...
  15. S1R LEO

    Solved  Modded pearlescent

    Recently I have seen cars with a pearlescent that when taken into LS Customs show no pearl selected. I can do this with a gold and a white pearl but the car in question was pastel purple with an ultra blue pearl. I cannot find anything on this so figured here would be the best place to ask.
  16. Angelan74

    PS3 PC  Motoring | Recruiting

    Greetings everyone, we are looking to rebuild after a 3 years hiatus and shifting focus to PC now, but still loyal to PS3 as well. Anyone from chill to tryhards are welcome. We only ask no team killing, support each other. What happens in our lobbies stays in our lobbies(Closed Sessions)...
  17. S

    PS4  Mainly Solo Player looking for crew

    [N8BdaGR8] [26 yrs] [United States] Looking for a new crew to run with, getting tired of grinding solo. Level 250-something, 235 million made. Have every business in game. Mostly looking for a chill crew to grind with, always down to help people with missions and heists and whatnot. Let me know...
  18. TrashBoy666


  19. number1genin

    Xbox One  LSBC SWAT Hiring!

    Now looking for playewr at least lvl 100 and higher for my LSBC SWAT ,ground forces division, Marksman division and aerial assault division, must be active , loyal and over all good. RnG players are a plus. We watch each other's backs and have fun. If interested please contact me at my gamertag...
  20. EyeDuDab

    All  **NEW CREW** All AFK matchmaker - OPEN ENROLLMENT

    Created just a few moments ago "All Afk MatchMaking" Crew Open Enrollment, Join Now and be the first 1000 people in. First come first serve. All skill sets welcome. Share your playlists and jobs there & Meet others who want to afk also. Want to use the invite crew button? Now yall can :)...
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