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  1. Bruxo og

    Discussion  Modo criador no online

    Como espawnar coisas do criador na sessão pública?
  2. GTA V: Creator Mode Help

    GTA V: Creator Mode Help

    Some things to discuss: AFK jobs Invalid jobs Triggers in interiors Jobs in interiors Jobs under the map
  3. Ehrmantraut

    Solved  What mod menu to use for creator

    I want to make modded jobs on pc, what tool/modmenu/program do i need. I know of iNickol RP's Tool but thats only for xb36
  4. G

    Patched  Full Creator Mode Menu Online 1.48

    There's another thread about this with awful slightly different confusing steps, Marked patched with a lot of confusion in the replies. Here's my version of it with clear steps and a video recorded 30 minutes ago as proof. Working as of now :- Steps - Start any online session and change your...
  5. D_KTR


    1 - create a Transform-Race 2 - place a waypoint 3- place a second waypoint (with jetpack / Thruster) 4- in the set element, place 3 walls (as in the video) 5- Test it 6- crash your vehicle face of the wall 7- cut internet/wifi when you die. Maybe possible to find Tp for any cool glitches...
  6. D_KTR

    Patched  MULTIPLAYER MENU/MAP IN CREATOR 1.46 (creator semi online)

    Hi every body! i hope teleport/warp is possible ..? i dont know exactly how hit again this glitch....i work in....sorry for my bad english. peeeace
  7. Navy Davey

    Discussion  Arena Wars to be added to the Content Creator!

    I’m not sure if anyone has noticed this yet.... Arena War is now included in “My Jobs”. It hasn’t yet been added to Creator. Apparently it’s going to happen although I have yet to read any official news of this. It will be an awesome addition to Creator and breathe a little life into my favorite...
  8. Bulldodge

    Patched  How to freeze

    Any hints on job freeze welcome. Plus is there a way to bring this baby on? Sitting on a old save and dunno if it's usefull?
  9. Jump_X

    Patched  R* Editor in Creator

    Hi ! Can be way to get something :thumbsup: Sorry for my english Step-1 Start GTA directly online Step-2 Start the Creator Step-3 Create a race with a starting point and a direct finish Step-4 Take the speed on the last point, Then take a break (do not go on the map because crash by...
  10. Trond

    Solved  Creator Ban?

    I've heard the term 'Creator ban' and 'Creator Banned', but how do I know if I have been hit with it myself? A week or so ago I posted a link to a Capture AFK playlist I had made, in a thread here on se7en. In about 15 minutes or so, the playlist and all my 16 jobs were deleted. I never heard...
  11. Navy Davey

    Patched  Glitched Out: Bunker Deathmatch

    I just can't seem to stay out of rockstars hidden places. I just happen to be ferociously tenacious. I can't let go. The more they patch it... the more I want to break it:wink: I made this crazy Deathmatch in the bunker! It is completely glitched out. Invisible props, weapons, vehicles and even...
  12. Navy Davey

    Patched  Has anyone seen anything like this before?

    I don't know if anyone has seen anything like this before.... I sure haven't:wink: Scroll forward to 5:36 to see -I created a capture in the bunker -I placed armed actors on the roof -I set wanted level to five stars The result: A capture in hell :wink: where NPCs are griefers:wink:
  13. K

    Solved  How do you get more than 5 different vehicles in a deathmatch

    In the creator you can only have 5 different vehicles in a job, but I have played some jobs where they have way more than just 5
  14. Dynasty007

    Patched  Teleport/Warp in online after 1.40

    So im not sure how many are aware but theres a new warp glitch in online thats being kept a secret in the community. This is a screenshot someone sent me unintentionally. You can clearly see its after the 1.40 update with bunker on the right side and the user is showing the MOC location on the...
  15. o666

    Patched  Triggers in interiors, glitchy couch/car action, &c.

    Hi folks, long time lurker first time poster - Duplication and the prospect of game-cash hold no allure for me, my enjoyment is derived from the methodical search-and-discover process (something to do with my amphetamine prescription perhaps?) just for the sake of it, and sometimes to aid in the...
  16. HoestOnline

    Video  Custom Stunt Races by Luke Dennis

    My good friend Luke likes to make stunt races in the creator. Two of them are featured in this video.
  17. S

    Solved  CREATOR: Has anyone found a new Spawn Point Glitch?

    So the old spawn point glitch that let us place spawn points close together disappeared after the I/E update. Y'know the one - place/pick up spawn, go into third person, hit down on the D-Pad. Does anyone know of a new method yet? Trawling the usual forums, GTAF etc, yields no results... This...
  18. Thehomeless1

    Patched  How to make a job under the map in creator

    Ok so I've seen alot of people asking how to make a job under the map in areas you can get to in camera view like under the shipping yard and i figured out a really simple way recently so i figured id share with everyone. Im gonna show you how to make a stunt race but the method is basically the...
  19. P

    Solved  How Do You Copy Jobs Cross Platform?!

    Hey. When people were stealing R*s Stunt Races before they let us have the stunt creator and stunt props, someone copied a race from PS4 and published it on both PC and XB1. Twice on each profile for some reason. I have been trying to find out how this is done as would like to do it with my...
  20. anthonyf

    Solved  Parachutes in created races?

    I've just been trying to create a gta race using parachutes, but it let's you pick up parachutes that I place via the weapons menu, but only in a vehicle, not on foot and it doesn't even appear in your inventory so when you fall, you can't open it. Is there a way to get parachutes in a gta...
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