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    Solved  Merge r* Jobs with your own job

    Unfortunately I do not know the private method to get pc modded jobs on ps4. However what i whould like to do is glitch the outfits from a r* created mission and merge it with my own job. So that when you play my job you get the outfits from that r* job. I do believe i saw something like this...
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    Solved  Xbox one dev creator gta

    Does anyone know how to get into dev creator mode xbox one
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    1 - create a Transform-Race 2 - place a waypoint 3- place a second waypoint (with jetpack / Thruster) 4- in the set element, place 3 walls (as in the video) 5- Test it 6- crash your vehicle face of the wall 7- cut internet/wifi when you die. Maybe possible to find Tp for any cool glitches...
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    Discussion  Get Pause Back in GTA Creator!

    Ok... Maybe we screwed ourself by abusing it:roflmao: Let’s try to get it back! If enough people complain about it R* will have to do something about it :rolleyes: So... I have 10 social club accounts and have submitted support tickets on each one asking for options menu Back In Creator...
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    Patched  What can this goofy Creator glitch be used for?

    More than likely this isn't anything you can make money with ... But it could be a fun feature to have in a DM or Capture... I don't know if anyone has seen or tried anything like this;) Anyhow I have been experimenting with rotating 1/4 gates in captures as a method to impel my characters...
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    Patched  Creator Teleport/ Warp Glitch ideas

    I was attempting multiple things in the creator mode trying to glitch it out, i might be very late on this but i have an idea, the teleport glitch in the past you need to make a race, finish it and join a friend with a different aim mode at the same time, with this i went and made a capture...
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    Patched  What can we do to fix this issue in creator?

    Am I crazy or is there a way around being kicked to the creator cursor when you fall off your bike/motorcycle? I noticed this was patched the day Gunrunning was released and I went hunting under the docks. I don't necessarily need this former glitched feature....but it is nice for placement...
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    Patched  xb1: zoom in dm test mode?

    So I made a deathmatch job and when I test it before publishing. my char falls straight thru the map fro the sky. i turn god on cuz they can still kill me. all I can do is zoom I can shoot but I can't walk around, but i can relocate my personal blip without moving the test camera. im invisible...
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    Solved  How to place trigger on a platform

    hey guy just wondering if anyone knows how to in creator mode place a trigger on a platform that is in the air in on Xbox one
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    Patched  How to get off your bike and ride the starting grid around the map in creator

    I found this really strange creator glitch that can be used to get under the map or in buildings not normally accessible. It is kinda hard to access a particular building but it is possible cause ive done it. Thier might be other uses for this but i havent figured them out yet but im really...
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    Patched  How to make a job under the map in creator

    Ok so I've seen alot of people asking how to make a job under the map in areas you can get to in camera view like under the shipping yard and i figured out a really simple way recently so i figured id share with everyone. Im gonna show you how to make a stunt race but the method is basically the...
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    Patched  Falling Dynamics

    Here is a glitch to get dynamic props to fall at the beginning of races to get a modded look Go to creator Go to dynamic props Place it on the ground pick it back up Hold in the left stick to raise the prop place it in the air ahead of your starting checkpoint The props will not fall when...
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    Solved  Creator Mode TDM Bug PS4

    i couldnt find any thread of this, when i search, and dont know if i posted it right. I've have been working on a TDM, doesnt know if the bug is with other modes as well. But a made a map and wanted to redo some things on it, after i played it. Played it as in, played against other people. but...
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