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    Unsolved Problem whit RGH 1.2 "Wrong cpukey"

    hi i'm installing RGH on my Jasper 16mb, apparently something went wrong when extracting the nand, even though the 4 dumps turned out the same, I installed ECC and went into Xell to get my CPUkey back, but to my surprise when I get it via ip Jrunner says Bad cpukey. So imagining that my KV was...
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    Solved Trying to update console to latest dashboard

    when i put my flashdmp into Xebuild it’s fine but when i put my cpukey in it said couldn’t extract KV/corrupt kv and won’t let me use that cpu key. But i have a couple of extra cpu keys and it pops up with a cpu key in the file but i’m a little worried it may brick my rgh. if anybody knows what...
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    Solved Xbox 360 KV Help?

    I just bought a KV from xboxkvs and I put the kv.bin and cpukey.bin files onto my hard drive and when I tried to flash it, it didn't reboot and when I tried to connect to my internet, it will go from Xbox 360 - My Provider but it won't go from My Provider - Internet, I need help please and i...
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    Solved Xbox 360 rgh Kv,

    So i nand dumped to get my kv i then transferd it to the root of the hardrive im not sure if i properly moved the kv to the root of the hardrive and im banned. Can i just buy a kv and change it with the other kv on the root? And why is the cpu key file so inportent to tranfer with the new kv...
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    Solved Cant read or write to the nand after I wrote xell to nand

    So I wrote xell to the nand and it boots on my Xbox. I turned off my PC to go to bed and went to continue in the morning and I now can't read/ write to the NAND. I have the CPU key and have created the xebuild image. I just can't write it.. Any ideas?
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    Solved Cpukey.txt into a .bin????

    How do I convert my CPUKey.txt into a CPUKey.bin I tried saving as all files but it didn't work
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