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corona rgh

  1. C

    Question  Can't read nand with diy sd tool

    Basically, I soldered every point, tried out every diagram available, and even made another sd card tool. Still, when I connect to the computer, it doesn't detect anything. There's no pop-up asking to format, nothing. What could it be?
  2. T

    Question  Corona V3 NAND dumps don`t match in J-Runner

    Hi I solder on a daily basis, and have 10+ years experience modding consoles. Though I did not have the chance to work on an Xbox 360 before, until now. I have a Corona V3 with 16MB NAND that I am trying to RGH3. Installed postfix adapter. Installed both RGH3 wires needed for the exploit to...
  3. M

    Tutorial  RGH3 Corona V1-V2 board with AMS1117 1.2V regulator and 1N4147 diode - Instaboot

    I had to use this way of RGH3 because with regular 1k resistor method this board didn't even boot. Now is intaboot and very reliable. Wiring pics
  4. J

    Question  lifted resistor on 360 corona slim, any help

    hi guys, basically i'm trying to fix up my old dual nand , everything has gone wrong so far to the point i caught of wires during cleaning and evidently they were pulled off , one seems to have pulled a resistor with it not sure about the other i never did the original install , i only know its...
  5. D

    Question  I have no idea where to buy parts to rgh my xbox

    so i have an xbox 360 slim. its a corona 4gb nand. no tracers are present. but im confused, according to nand identification/set 1. i have a corona v2, but according to post out/ step 3. i have a corona v3 or v4. a also have r2c6 and r2c7 resistors present. sorry for the choppy post, if...
  6. vetranofwar

    Solved  Having issues with my Corona RGH

    I’ve had my rgh for a couple months now. First off I bought this corona rgh off eBay, “fully loaded” with games and menus and stealth servers. I downloaded a few more things like matrix mods, xnet engine, CoDEngine. I don’t know if through trial and error I somehow messed up my Xbox but a lot of...
  7. X

    Solved  Corona 4GB RGH help

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me as I'm looking to perform my first Slim RGH. I'm pretty sure I Have a corona V4/V6 motherboard with a 250GB HDD. I have bought the x360ace glitch chip and the corona post fix, I already have everything else such as JR programmer, soldering iron etc...
  8. O

    Solved  RGH (4Gb corona w/100Gb Hd) won't boot. Black Screen. Pls HELP!! Was working last week on NiNJA

    Okay, bought an RGH from wknd mdr , took me a while to get plugins, etc correct, but I got online with GTA, using NiNJA and thier African Menu, used SkyAcro(?6.5?) & Pandora menus. Then it just wouldn't boot, light comes on, but nothing. Tried: New BLANK launch.ini on FAT32 USB, nothing, Eject...
  9. A

    Solved  need help to identify my xbox360 corona verion

    hi everyone i have xbox360 slim corona but i'm not sure of the version on this post they said it's corona v2 without hdd Exploited console FAQs and Guides but my console it has 250gb hdd, i'm very confused about this point can you please look at the pictures and confirm me it's real corona...
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