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corona 4gb

  1. C

    Question  Can't read nand with diy sd tool

    Basically, I soldered every point, tried out every diagram available, and even made another sd card tool. Still, when I connect to the computer, it doesn't detect anything. There's no pop-up asking to format, nothing. What could it be?
  2. C

    Question  Alternative resistor for the diy sd tool?

    I was trying to do the RGH3 jailbreak on my Corona V4, and I was curious if I could use another resistor for the SD Tool instead of the 68 ohm one? Or can I use no resistor at all?
  3. S

    Question  Corona 4GB - Only hear boot chime at power on, nothing works

    Hey, I'm trying to RGH my Corona V2 4GB system. Had some trouble with PicoFlasher so decided to make my own SDTool as written down in another thread on this forum ("DIY SD-tool for Corona 4 GB"). I had some trouble writing because I forgot that little slider on the side of the SD card, but...
  4. T

    Question  Xbox 360 4gb corona v2 RGH 3

    Hi all I've not molded a 360 in years, I saw the latest rgh 3 and I felt like jumping back into the scene I already have a 4gb corona v2 and still have a sealed TX 4gb sd card kit. Still got my old j-r programmer v2 too so I think I'm good to go Can anyone point me to a good guide for using...
  5. Darash

    Tutorial  DIY SD-tool for Corona 4 GB

    Recently I got my hands on a Corona 4GB. To RGH this one, an SD-tool is required, so the on-board flash-memory can be downloaded to the computer as if it was an SD-card. I wanted to try and make one myself, since I already had all the required parts available. Unfortunately I could find only...
  6. Hendo16

    Question  X360ACE v5 Corona v4 4GB not booting into xell

    Here's an imgur album filled with images of the soldering points, the chip itself and other important points: Basically, whenever I try to boot into xell the ACE flashes green every 5 seconds but the consoles front light (the dot) stays green while the rings don't flash at all. I've left it...
  7. Jbbrack03

    Question  Ace v3 not glitching on Corona 4GB (blinking green light, no video)

    I'm trying to mod my Corona v4 4GB Xbox 360. I installed an SD Card Adapter 2.2 and used it to read my NAND. I got a confirmed match after reading. Immediately after I created my ECC and wrote it to the NAND. This was also successful. I installed my Ace v3 and my Postfix Adapter. I used a...
  8. Jbbrack03

    Question  RROD 0012 After wiring Corona V4 for RGH

    Hi all, this is my first attempt at modding a Xbox 360. I have a Corona V4 console that does require a postfix adapter. I'm using an SD Card Tool and an Ace V3 to do the reading/glitching. I started by connecting the SD Tool and reading the NAND. I got a matching NAND and was able to create my...
  9. K

    Question  Corona 16mg HELP NEEDED!

    So I have soldered in my JR Programmer V2 to all the correct solder points, I have re-soldered 4 times and installed the drivers also, but when I plug the Xbox power cable in and connect the jr programmer to my pc and open JRunner, I hit the “?” Beside “motherboard” and I get the flash config...
  10. L

    Question  Help with bad nand Corona 4g v4

    Hi. Created account here just because I needed help with this. Apology for bad english A while ago I received an RGH Xbox 360 E for christmas. I didn't do the glitch, as it was a gift. Long time ago I tried updating the dashboard with an outside tool that I found on another forum, and it was...
  11. JoshuaFerns

    Question  RGHing an Xbox 360 from scratch

    Hi, I'm looking forward towards modding my old Xbox 360 console which, after doing some research, found out that its a 4gb corona with the latest 17559 dashboard on it. I'm actually a total noob at this however, since my console is kinda old and with the conception that nothing too big is gonna...
  12. M

    Question  Corona V2 with matrix - can't glitch

    Hi! I've a problem with my first RGH mod. My old xbox360 phat is died, so i'm trying to mod a corona V2 (4gb). I've read many tutorials, but it doesn't glitch! I've realized a fake-SD and I've program the nand (nand-xell function of AutoGG), then i've installed the glitchip. I've installed...
  13. S

    Question  Corona v4 4gb with Ace V5 problem

    Hi. I purchased an ace v5 and a postfix adapter v2 from weekendmodder. Followed his tutos and diagram from acev5 website. Will post pics for wiring. 1. I soldered mmc reader and could read nand 49mb (i have 4 original dumps safely backed up). Created ECC file right away and flashed it. Then went...
  14. D

    Question  I have no idea where to buy parts to rgh my xbox

    so i have an xbox 360 slim. its a corona 4gb nand. no tracers are present. but im confused, according to nand identification/set 1. i have a corona v2, but according to post out/ step 3. i have a corona v3 or v4. a also have r2c6 and r2c7 resistors present. sorry for the choppy post, if...
  15. BenJGrimm

    Solved  x360 ACE v5 Question for Corona 4GB

    There is not much on these little chips so looking for anyone's input on these for a Corona 4GB - Before I buy. I know v3's are always awesome but wanted something more updated and possibly a better solution now I have looked at a handful of shaky video work and some sentences here and there...
  16. R

    Question  Corona Issues with 4GB Hard Drive to RGH??

    Hey, so I recently purchased a xbox 360 slim with corona motherboard to RGH, and for some reason the 4gb hard drive shows up as unformatted (in storage on the xbox). I don't own a nand reader/ programmer yet and I am wondering if this unformatted hard drive will present any issues for me if i...
  17. S

    Solved  rgh 360 slim corona v2 4gb need help please band nand flash. wont boot xell what do i do??

    hi i have a 4gb corona v2 and a bad nand was flashed onto it and now it will start but no signal and wont boot xell either i took it apart and all the lights are coming on the rgh chip but there is a solid red and whenever you turn it on it flashes green but still has a red light on the chip idk...
  18. L

    Question  Corona RGH Problems

    So where do I begin... I had a late night desire to dig around my room to find my old modded 360 controller when I found an old xbox 360 (to my amazement, as I had sold mine as trade in for a One). I had wanted to RGH an xbox for some time as it looked pretty manageable and I was really into...
  19. rynax

    Solved  Corona V2 4GB CR4 Muffin Install using Matrix Glitcher can't boot Xell

    Hi, Having problem with a Corona V2 4GB CR4 Muffion installation, wondering what could be the problem? It seems the board is doing the glitching (the glitch sound and short/long pattern), but tried all the timing files under Corona/192/48, 1-1 to 4-2, it just won't boot xell at all. The NAND...
  20. S

    Solved  Corona v6 RGH Problems

    Hi All I have a Corona V6 with a 4GB nand that I want to RGH. I currently have an x360 Ace V3, Maximus SD Tool and a postfix adapter. I have installed the postfix adapter and the sd tool, connected standby power and the sd tool to my computer through an USB SD card reader/writer. I open...
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